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Several months ago, it was shutting off completely for no apparent reason. I replaced the lamp bulb and zipped tied the door switch. It worked fine for a while.

Last week, it started shutting off after a few minutes. Now, it won't come on at all. Lamp indicator flashes but, I don't hear the normal hum when, I power it on. All I see is the lamp indicator flash and then the sound comes on. I don't have a picture at all. I tried switching back to an old lamp. No change.

I don't know if the lamp ballast died or the board died.

After all the trouble I've had, I think I may cut my losses and get rid of the TV. I bought it in 2004. In 2007, the color wheel made the death rattle and had to be replaced. Since then, I've replaced the lamp several times, most recently, in hopes it would solve my intermittent shut off problem.

Is there any way I can diagnose my problem? If I throw a bunch of expensive parts at the problem, I'm just investing more money into a problematic TV.