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does the samsung 5500 have a web browser so we can surf the net from the blue ray player?
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Samsungs responce to my question:

We appreciate you contacting Samsung Electronics and being a valued customer. We understand that you are interested to use web browser on your blu-ray player model BD-C5500.

We would like to say that the web browser feature included for 2011 and 2012 model Blu-ray players. As your Blu-ray player is 2010 model the feature is not introduced for TVs and Blu-ray players at that time.

If you require additional assistance, you can email us by clicking on the URL below:

So they can't make a addon to give me this fuction and i made a mistake mine is the C6500
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The 6500 is also a 2010 model with no possibility of a web browser. Sorry.
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Each player has an owner's thread. Not sure which 5500 you are asking about, but here are the two models that part of the 5500 line


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