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I saw the Sony 84" yesterday at the local Sony Store. Holy cow! Unbelievable IQ. Wish it wasn't $25,000 but give it a few years I guess...

I just saw the UltraHD Sony set at Best Buy and wow was it pretty to look at. It shows how messed up this industry is that they have to list it as 4K UltraHD with an asterisk saying 3840 x 2160. Going to be so confusing for the lay person, I understand the need to make it 16:9


The marketed specifications used by this industry are a joke.  The public *barely* understands that 1080 is the vertical resolution.  Then they throw "4K" out there which one would rightly assume is a vertical resolution as well.  And if THAT weren't enough, we're now trying out ever more acronyms, because as everyone already knows, that ALWAYS makes things clearer.

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All aspect ratios would display properly and nothing would be downrezzed except for 4k content.


.................so?  Of course!  Who said otherwise?

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Sony to reduce their 4K prices and (THANK GOODNESS) offer a model without the speakers stupidly glued to the side of the display.



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Does this throw a spanner in the marketing works for 4k/OLED? (Not just for what is said, but who, reportedly, has said it!)


(I take no responsibility, and will not be an apologist, for the poor proof-reading of the articles on this site!!!)
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I just noticed that overhere there's a diosplay based on the 84" 4K panel being sold for 7500 euro plus tax. You'll even get a touchscreen included. http://www.ctouch.eu/uploads/1371044766_CTOUCHspecs_84Leddura.pdf The website even speaks of 500cd/m2, but I would presume the specsheet is correct at 350 cd/m2, as it has a sheet of glass to limit the output, and the other vendors offer similar output.
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dual-core L9 processor, 2.2 channel speakers and Magic Remote bells and whistles it can muster.

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