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New BenQ W7000 has problems

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Got my first digital projector yesterday. I finally splurged on a BenQ W7000, a special from a dealer in Melbourne. When I first turned it on it went through about a minute of setting up and projecting, then the "Temp" light came on and the lamp went off. Before that happened, I was successfully playing a DVD. I have been through the process about a dozen times now, without the DVD connected, and each time the lamp turns off and I have to wait several minutes before the W7000 will start up again. I tried removing the power completely for a couple of hours, but no matter what I try I get the same result. At all times, the projector and exhaust air were barely above ambient temperature.

Something strange happened once: a very loud, rough, fan noise came from the unit. I noticed that if I pushed the power plug in gently, the noise would decrease, and if I pushed firmly enough, the noise would almost stop. That problem hasn't repeated itself.

I rang the dealer and said I wanted another unit. No problem there. He emailed me with this:

I've just got off the phone with BenQ. Looks like the heat sensor would have tripped. They have recommended to unplug it completely from power for at least 5 hours (they suggested overnight). Then plug it in and it will reset. If you're still having trouble e-mail me and I can get a DOA organised.

His colleague during another call suggested that the lamp was turning off because I didn't have a signal connected.

I would like to know the answers to some questions, from someone who has experience with the W7000. The sales staff were doing their best, but I got the impression they knew little more than I did about the W7000.

Q1: Is the tripping of the heat sensor a common occurrence, and would it take five hours to reset?

Q2: Will the projector stay turned on if there is no external signal? Or will it turn off after a certain time?

Q3: Any suggestions as to why pushing on the power plug would cause a loud grating fan-type noise to become less? Or what the noise could have been in the first place?

Any comments most appreciated.
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check the firmware in the menu to verify it's 1.03. Perhaps this is an old stock item with an old firmware.

the issues your describing indicates an issue with this machine, I would ask for a swap immediately.
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G'day Zombie. I couldn't get as far as to check the firmware on screen – the lamp turned off too soon. But because of your other thread (which I've been following since it started), I insisited that the dealer, and BenQ Australia, confirm that the unit had firmware 1.03 before I purchased. The unit was manufactured in May, so I assume it has the latest firmware.
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I think they issued the new firmware later than May. I think it was late June when that came out. You may have the older firmware still on the machine.
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I've worked out the the firmware is not causing the problem, it's the fan. A couple of times the projector stayed on long enough for me to go into the menus and see that the firmware was 1.03.

I made several recordings of the problem for my own benefit ,and for anyone else who might be interested to hear what a noisy fan in a W7000 sounds like. The interactive PDF, with recordings, can be downloaded from: http://www.mediafire.com/?tg4u92jrd46rkqw

Back to the dealer it goes.
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It's taken three months, but after returning the W7000 a second time, I now have a W7000+ which seems to be working okay, except: is it normal to have "source searching" come up so often?

I have the W7000+ connected directly to an Oppo BDP-93 via socket HDMI 1, and I'm playing around with what they can do. I might be playing a movie, go to the Top Menu, and up comes:

HDMI 1, Source Searching

I might have a whole heap of video shorts on a USB stick, and between each one, up comes "Source Searching". I put in the Disney WOW calibration disk, and every time I change tests, up comes "Source Searching".

Seeing so many "Source Searching" messages – is that normal when playing around? It doesn't happen when navigating backwards and forwards through a movie.
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Guy: I would recommend visiting the owner's thread for this projector. You'll find a wealth of knowledge within the past posts. Also, member "subscribe" to the owner's thread, so if you post in there...you are more likely to be seen by the owner's of the projector.

I can tell you from my experience with my Planar 8150, that yes you will see "searching for source" displayed by the projector as normal syncing between the source and the projector. As the blu ray player switches between start up chapters (previews, FBI warning, movie menu) the break in the sync between player and projector causes the projector to "search for the signal". Each source component, projector combo/set up may act slightly different....but I suspect yours is no different than mine. That being said, I highly recommend using the existing owner's thread for information and posting questions.

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Thanks for the reply, Ron. I suspect it is normal behaviour, but thought I'd check. I'll take it to the owner's thread as you suggest.
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