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Wonderbook.... augmented reality story app for kids

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Books come to life in this unique interactive Move title coming out for the youngsters on November 13th for $40 ($80 for the PSEye/Move bundle shown above). One game/book title is included, J.K. Rowling's Book of Spells. More will be released in the future for DLC purchase. The E3 debut was shaky, but the Gamescom demo looked better. I'm already on the hook for it based on my daughter's positive reaction to this trailer.

Here's a "Making of..." video that goes over the tech involved:

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meh, some of us have kids ya know.

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well, you did attack some nice lady just asking for advice recently. Lay off the bottle man, you're usually better than this.

Not everything Joe posts is up to my swag, but he does provide a invaluable service of getting more information on this forum on upcoming games and devices. I'm added a few in my library I otherwise would have from the info and discussion born from his OP's. This ain't one, but it's still interesting and perfectly suited for the average AVS user with a family and kids who might be looking for options on a relatively adult system.

Anyways, Internets, serious business!
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^^^ Your reply to him must have been posted after the mods deleted his comments. Thankfully we can now stay on topic.
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The BBC's Walking with Dinosaurs property is coming to Wonderbook as well:
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Wonderbook: Book of Spells is on sale for only $8 at Amazon. I do love a great deal so my daughter's order is on the way.
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Thanks, purchased too!
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Nice. I picked one up for a friend of mine since I have no kids of my own.
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I have three Move controllers. Only with Book of Spells, one of the Move controllers always show as "too dark" even the other two Move controllers get detected just okay in the same room and even at the same time when I tried all three of the Move controllers.

That one Move controller that Book of Spells always say "too dark" to detect looks normal to my naked eyes meaning the LED looks having the same brightness as my other two Move controllers.

With other Move games such as Sports Champion 1 and 2, Fight: Lights Off that requires two Move controllers, and other Move games, all three Move controllers work equally well. As far as I can tell, I cannot find anything "wrong" with that one Move controller that Book of Spells refuses to work with. The serial number on the "bad" Move controller serial number starts with "1..." The other two "good" Move controllers serial numbers start with "1..." for one the "2..." for the other one. So the serial numbers don't help to identify which batch of Move controller could have problem. All I can describe is the "bad" Move controller was bought as standalone retail packaging (the older style PS3 packaging) from Best Buy. The two "good" Move controllers there bought with PS Eye and Sport Champion game bundle at Radio Stack store.

Anyone encounter this problem with your Move controller with Book of Spells?
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