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I need some help with adding “wides” to my current system. I have a complete 8080 system: front, center, surrounds, with a second pair of 8080’s for surround back. I was thinking of moving the surround backs to the wide position and putting 8060 or 8040 in the back. My room is only 13 feet wide so if I put the 8080 in the 45 degree position I will not have enough room to move them 16 inches from the back wall as well as the back of the speakers will not be parallel to rear wall. These issues seem critical to me because I am thinking I will lose the bipolar effect if I have the back of the speakers to close and not parallel to the wall. I had thought of some kind of a bookshelf and speaker stand arrangement, but I feel I won’t get the same amount of air movement and there will be no bi-polar effect. Any thoughts, suggestions/recommendations would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you.