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This year will be the first year i purchase a new top of the line (under 3k) projector and my current 3010 is getting old. I'm in the market for a 5020ub and found the specs, but now I'm a little disappointed since there seems to only be minor improvements. I mostly want to know about lag (to bad that info is missing). Here are the specs for each of the units being released. I'm just wondering how much better the AE8000u might be (if its on Epson level this time). The price is missing from the pages, hopefully soon we will know!

Also I have currently have 6 units of 3d glasses. Does anyone know if Epson made the new ones backwards compatible which allows the use of the older Epson ir 3d glasses? If not this sucks to have to replace them all again.

Epson 3020

Epson 5020UB

Epson 5020UBe

Epson 6020UB
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