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Panasonic TC32Lx50 LCD. Video freezes on frame as image decays {Audio + BkLit on.} Occurs at random; most often {but not limited to} when unit is powered on. Occasionally; a firm tap on the back will revive video.

Failed attempts:
1. Checked for loose connections {complete tear-down of all internal boards.} Physical inspection and reconnection of all contacts and/or wires. 2. Visual inspection of circuit boards, {no obvious signs of burned circuitry.}

A loose wire or failing component seems the likely answer and parts are available, I just don't know what part. Works most of the time so likely not a capacitor and/or power board issue as this issue is not intermittent like mine {TV should stay off until capacitor/s are replaced and not come back like mine does.} I can diagnose a computer in minutes but my level of expertise with LCD's is novice to intermediate at best.

Your insight is greatly appreciated, please to not tell me to unplug the power cord and wait, I will track you down.. jk. I am a tinkerer and am determined to make this work so please stop me from doing something crazy: I have considered getting a new model and hot-swapping components but I assume circuitry and/or connectors have changed in newer sets so, unless I could find a way to adapt the contacts to my old set, this would probably not work. Knowing my self, I would probably make the attempt anyways if you do not give me a better solution. 09/2012