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Sharp LC-70LE845U Anomaly

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I've had the 70" Sharp LC-70LE845U since June and have been happy with its performance, once I got it calibrated.
I've read lots of posts of TVs shutting themselves down and not restarting, so I was a bit alarmed when mine did the following.
An hour into viewing, the sound cut out, followed by the picture and the pilot light chevron briefly blinked out and came back on.
Then the set restarted itself normally with no more problems. Until the next day, when the exact same thing happened again!
I called Aquos Advantage and was treated with respect, but they have no record of this kind of problem ever happening before.
I was told that I should unplug the set for 5 minutes and replug it to allow the TV to reboot. I did that and haven't seen the
problem re-appear as yet. I was assured that it would be covered by warranty indefinitely because I had filed a report on the issue.
The set went through an update several weeks ago and has never had power removed meantime, so maybe it's as simple as
needing that hard re-boot. I'd rather not do a factory re-set, since I would lose the calibration settings that I worked on for so long.
Just wondering if anyone else has had a similar issue...thoughts...
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I have experienced the same issue with the Sharp LC-60C8470U. The set will randomly reboot for no known reason. The latest firmware has been installed but did not seem to do anything. The reboot issue was communicated to Sprint, but they said they have never heard of this issue and the set must be defective. So I returned the first set on their advice and swapped it out for another one, hoping to never see this issue again. Unfortunately the second set randomly reboots as well. Is this model defective? Should I look for another brand?

The random reboot completely shuts the TV off and then it comes back on in about 5-7 seconds. No messages or feedback provided as to why the reboot happened. I have gone through all menu items and disabled anything that would "reboot" the set (i.e. lost connection, etc...). Still no luck in diagnosing the cause or finding a solution. Sharp advised they have not seen any issues with this model. I have replaced hdmi cables and checked all connections...did a reset that didn't seem to do anything...

Any ideas or suggestions?
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I have the Sharp 70LE845U, and I have the exact same problem. I purchased the TV in May, and the off/on problem started about a month and a half ago. I have coverage under the Geek Squad (although the TV is obviously still covered under Sharp), so I called Best Buy. They didn't physically look at the TV prior to fixing, but replaced the internal power supply as advised by Sharp. This was about three weeks ago, and the TV did the off/on thing again today. I first emailed Aquos Advantage, and they said they would send out a tech, but I have opted to go back through Best Buy since I already have one recorded service through them. With three, the TV is deemed a lemon, and I should get a full replacement. This is a frustration, and since my last TV went bad on me (Sony, not Sharp) right outside of my warranty period, there is no way I'm not following up on this one. I've Googled and found others who have the same problem. I find it hard to believe Sharp hasn't heard of this issue since they told me that their warranty department had advised Best Buy as to what part to replace last time based on my complaint. Otherwise, I absolutely love this TV so am hoping the problem can be fixed...

Also, I had tried unplugging the TV overnight before the first "fix", and it did not fix the problem. My TV can go for days or weeks without it happening, but it does continue to happen.
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Very distressing! I was advised that the problem will be a warranty-covered item if it recurs, so I'm mostly worried that they don't have a fix.
The unplugging worked for me. The power supply replacement on yours would have necessitated unplugging it, so neither fix worked for yours.
Mine has yet to act up again, though I do get a 'No Signal' notification in the lower left of the screen an hour into BluRay features playing through HDMI #2.
The Satellite box through HDMI #1 is the one that had the re-start problem and has never had the notification problem. Don't think they're related.
Meantime, we're all stuck with ticking time bombs?...
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Yes, it is frustrating. I would say yesterday's occurrence was the first time it has happened in probably 4+ weeks. (The internal power supply was replaced three weeks ago, and it had been at least a week before that since it had happened.) If it only happens once a month it's obviously no big deal, but I have read with others it tends to become more frequent until sometimes the TV turns off and will not turn back on at all. I'm going to stay on them till they figure out what is wrong or give me a replacement. Too much money invested to worry that my TV will die out of warranty. Dealing with the Sony was such a nightmare, I cut my losses completely and moved to Sharp so don't want to get burned again... eek.gif
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I wonder if I was given false assurance that it would be covered whenever it becomes worse because I've registered the problem while it's under warranty?
That sounds almost too good to be true. I would recommend that you let Aquos Advantage know of your problem so they can register it -- if you haven't already...
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Aquos Advantage gave me a case number, but since I have an extended warranty with Best Buy and have already received service through them, I know I'm covered under their lemon policy and this will be visit #2. Sharp told me they also have the 3 repairs needed lemon policy, but since I chose to get my extended warranty through Best Buy, my warranty with Sharp is obviously more limited (have a four year warranty with Geek Squad.) I should be safely covered with Best Buy.

If yours occurs again, I would definitely recommend having Sharp come out and look at the TV so that will count towards your qualified repairs. Best Buy has two more shots with me...
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I wasn't aware of the 3 strikes lemon rule, so thanks for that.
We should have a single thread for all models of Sharp that are displaying this anomaly.
I've hunted around and found the issue from owners of various models. Class action, anyone?...
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Just wanted to drop back in on this thread. About 5 and half weeks ago, the Geek Squad replaced my main board (after replacing the internal power supply as noted previously which did not resolve the problem), and I have not had any problems since. Crossing my fingers.

The tech also told me to update my Denon Receiver (required me getting a 100 ft ethernet cord, as it's not wireless). I have no idea if that made any difference, but I really think the problem was with the TV.

I'll post back if any additional problems occur, etc.
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I've not had the problem again since simply unplugging for five minutes.
My Denon is not wireless either! How much did that ethernet cord set you back?
I seriously doubt that it needs updating -- it plays 3D effortlessly, along with SACD and DVD-A, etc.
The only problem I've had with it is occasional older DVDs being out of lip-synch.
I might drag it into the computer room at some point and let it go through an update.
Does it require onscreen intervention? Probably...
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Sorry it's taken me so long to get back. Have been out of town for the holidays. smile.gif The 100ft cord only cost about $6 on Amazon! I'm not sure it's the highest quality, but since I only needed to use it temporarily it didn't matter as it worked just fine. I believe it did require a little bit of on screen navigation. I figured it was probably good to have a way to update it, so I will check it every few months or so. The TV has still not given me any additional issues although I've been out of town a good amount of the time since my last post.
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Hi Guys.  I bought my 70" Sharp 3D last August.  When it arrived at my house, it was dead on arrival.  I proceeded to call Sharp and they sent a tech out and he replaced the power board.  Everything was wonderful...just a great TV.  Well, 2 days ago, TV just powered off.  Initially, I just wiggled the power cord and it powered back on.  It worked for about an hour and then the same thing happened.  I took the back cover off and disconnected wires from power board and re-connected...worked again.  Now, it is just repeating its powering off/on about every 10 minutes (with me disconnecting and reconnecting).  Sharp better be honoring my warranty since this seems to be a very related problem from the start.


Any thoughts or suggestions?

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