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Mitsubishi WD65C9 Light Bleeding at Left/Bottom Edges

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I read this forum quite a bit before I bought my Mitsubishi WD65C9 and it had help me greatly with my purchasing decision, so I would like to thank you all for all the detailed information posted here. =)

It has been almost 2 years since I bought it, and it has treated me well. However, I have notice some light bleeding at the left and bottom edge of the screen lately. I will admit that I don't know if "bleeding" is the right term to describe the issue. Basically, I can see light at those edges, and if it's black/dark along those edges it will appear gray. This is especially obvious if I am watching a movie with black borders.

I want to say that this did not appear until very recently, but I am not 100% sure. As it is somewhat hard to notice when watching content that are full screen.

So my question is, is this something I can fix? Or just something that I have to live with?

Thank you all for your help!
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Bleeding is not the right term. Sounds as something in the optical path.
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Thank you for the response. Is this something I can fix? Or is it time for me to start shopping for a new TV? It's not that I need to replace to bulb or something like that, right?
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Are there 'ports' on either side of the cabinet you can open and inspect the visible light path?
Do you have the service manual?
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there are ports on both sides of the TV. I opened it up and I can see the light and mirror inside, but I am not too sure what I am looking for.... any pointers? Is this a sign that I need to replace the bulb?

I looked through the troubleshooting section of the manual for my TV, and nothing there mentions a symptom like what I am experiencing.
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1. That's the final lens you are looking at,
2. It's a lamp, but as long as it works, no need to replace it, especially only after two years. How many hours?
3. The owners manual won't tell you anything, you need the Service Manual,
4. Look at that corner of the screen and see if anything appears out of place.

My guess, it's something in the internal optical path of the 'light engine' which would require disassembly. I never heard of this before (not to say it hasn't happened). I have a thread on lens cleaning that is in the sticky at the top of the page you should look at. It's for a older series, but should be close enough to work with if you have some mechanical/electronic experience.
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i read through your thread regarding cleaning the lens, but will probably re-read it again before actually opening up the TV.

So is that what you would recommend doing? I might actually have some time to attempt this this weekend. I can open it up and check to see if the lens is dirty, but I would not have any idea if the optical path is right or wrong or how to correct it. I do not have the service manual. I am decent at following instructions, the most complicated electronics repair I have done is opening up a Nintendo DS to replace the housing. I do not have any experience working with TV's....

I looked at the corner of the screen from the inside through the ports on the side and do not see anything out of place. In fact, I think i can see the gray/white color on the final lens before it's reflected onto the screen. I saw halo and blooming mentioned in the lens cleaning thread and just with DLP in general. My issue is completely different those, right?
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I finally had a little time so I opened up the rear panel to take a look. I got as far as pulling out the lamp cartridge to inspect it, but that's it. The light engine area is setup somewhat differently than your lens cleaning tutorial, and due to my inexperience I felt too risky just poking around without following something more concrete. =\ Not sure what options I have now. I was kind of hoping that I would only need to maybe turn the adjustment screws a bit, but I couldn't even find those on my TV.....

I checked the hours by pressing 2 4 7 0 in menu, and it reported 6100 hours. TV is about 2 years old.
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