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I believed I played my music to loud. My SC-61 just shut down and the blue light blinked. I turned it off and then back on but did not turn it up. I have good B&W speakers, sooooo does anyone know what happened? Does the receiver protect itself by doing this? Thanks for any input guys.
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yes, protection mode you activated.
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Sounds like it, give it some time before trying to turn it on again. What sensitivity are the speakers? Have you run MCACC and if so what volume were you playing at? We're you running them in large/full setting?
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Yes. Yes. Pretty close to max. Oops
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Yeah that can do it. Especially if the speakers are a challenging load.
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I have had it pretty close to max before, just to test it, no issues, I was curious if I might have broke it. Seems good now. Thanks for the help.
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Pulled the old infinty beta 50s out today. They sound pretty good being biamped with this thing
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I found a SC-63 on Clearance at BB.
I was shocked at how good it sounded. It sounded great.
BB price matched an online seller for $729.
I couldn't resist, I can't wait to get it all hooked up.
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Originally Posted by GlockFan View Post

I found a SC-63 on Clearance at BB.
I was shocked at how good it sounded. It sounded great.
BB price matched an online seller for $729.
I couldn't resist, I can't wait to get it all hooked up.

Congratulations on the nice pickup. The SQ is excellent as well as all the nice features. MCACC takes a little time to learn but is an excellent autocalibration system.
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I just started getting a HDCP error on my SC 63 when i try to use my Playstation. The weird thing is that it has been working fine for the last 3 months. If I have the TV on and switch my receiver to my Playstation setting - my TV turns off and HDCP Error flashes on the receiver. If I have my receiver on and then turn my TV on, the receiver turns off. Can anyone help?????
I have a Samsung PN58A650T Plasma.
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Turn off HDMI control.
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Originally Posted by Done Deal DR View Post

Turn off HDMI control.

Unfortunately that did not work - any other ideas?
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Tried swapping out hdmi cables? I've had some act up before.
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Originally Posted by Woogier1 View Post

Unfortunately that did not work - any other ideas?
Did you turn HDMI Control off on all equipment? Try a different HDMI port on the receiver and tv to narrow it down.
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Just got an SC-63. Hooked up speakers, ran Auto MCACC, and noticed the center channel wasn't working. Auto MCACC didn't appear to even recognize that a center was even there.

I went through Manual MCACC and tried boosting the volume and still nothing. I double checked the center channel speaker and wiring on another receiver terminal and it produces sound, so I know its not either of those. Am I looking at a blown center channel, or am I missing some other setting?

Thanks in advance.
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If you went into the speaker settings and make sure center speaker is set to Yes, then run the test tones, it should reproduce them. If it doesn't, then you are very likely looking at a defective AVR. there are no other initial setup settings to adjust. you can have a phantom center channel, but that requires the center speaker to be set to No in the MCACC speaker settings. As long as you see Yes for center, then you should hear test tones through it and audio through it.
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Steve, thanks for the reply. It is now working.

I continued diagnosis. Before I posted, I hadn't tried a different speaker on the center channel terminal yet, so I did that and it worked. So I put the CC speaker back on that circuit and its been working ever since. I didn't see any obvious wire break, strands or reversed polarity, so it seemed very strange that it worked every time on another channel. Its now plugged in and has been working great for a few hours now. However, the wires are quite old so maybe its time to replace them (any excuse to upgrade...).

I'm now happy. I've run through auto MCACC again, and the CC is much brighter in this setup v. my old AVR, but at least I know how to play with manual MCACC due to this troubleshooting. At least I'm not forcibly becoming a member of the 'no center channel club'. smile.gif

Thanks again for the help.

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I need some help with the pass through on my sc-61. I have it setup so cable is my default when the unit is not on. When I power up my TV and cable box I no longer get a picture in my TV. When I switch to my AppleTV works just fine.

I did upgrade my wireless router the other day to the new Apple Extreem. Also with trying to get everything back working I may have changed the setting on my sc-61.

Any insight or recommended settings to help with passthrough would be great. I do have standby turned on.

Thank you
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In process of upgrading entire Home Theater System. Replacing Yamaha RXZ-V1900, Infinity TSS-750, 2 additional TSS satellites, additional TSS-750 Sub and Infinity CC-3 Center which made awesome 7.2 system (System will be up for sale soon!). It sounds great but time for something new. Went to BB Magnolia to test drive Definitive Tech Procinema 800/1000 speakers. While I was there salesman told me he had Pioneer Elite SC-63 for $600. I have been contemplating an Elite SC receiver for sometime so this was right up my alley when he told me of this incredible deal. After I wiped off the drool streaming from my mouth I picked up brand new in the box receiver for $598. The speakers I'm putting with the Elite SC-63 are: Def Tech ProCenter 2000, ProMonitor 1000 fronts, ProMonitor 800 rear & surrounds and 2 Paradigm SE Subwoofers to complete my 7.2 system. Still waiting for subs to come in, should arrive on Saturday. Can't wait to put it all together! biggrin.gif
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That should be a great system! These receivers are a great value due to a strong amp section for the price, especially less than $600. I think I paid like $700-$750 for my SC-61, but that was at least 7-8 months ago I think. About the only thing it's missing that I'd like to have is dual HDMI output.
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Good morning gentlemen! I have a Panasonic dmp-bdt220 and a sc-61 and every time I watch a movie ( the hobbit for example) I never get it to show DTS master . it only shows DTS on screen and shows only 5.1 speakers working. I have a 7.1 setup with all klipsch speakers so what am I doing wrong????
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Lately my SC-61 started flickering 20 min into operation, then stopped video output while sound is still playing. First I thought it was my cable box, but when playing DVD (Oppo 103) from different HDMI input, same thing happened. I checked TV (60" plasma TV, Panasonic GT50) by direct connecting cable box or DVD player to it, TV is fine. This happens even when I have the receiver on standby, and HDMI on passing through mode. Turning video processing on or off didn't help. Anyone experienced the same or knows what is going on?


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No way to know for sure but it sounds like an HDMI board failure.
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Does turning tv off then back on cure it?
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Have opportunity to get open box demo SC-63 for $500. No box, manual, CD, antenna or MCACC mic (which concerns me). Same 30 day return with Best Buy and 3 year warranty from Pioneer. Really want a SC-61 but can't find one for a good price. Thoughts??
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Go for it. Any generic mic will do and the manual is online anyways. If it works its a pretty good buy
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Originally Posted by t-town oil View Post

Go for it. Any generic mic will do and the manual is online anyways. If it works its a pretty good buy

I just searched on eBay and there the exact one that ships with this model receiver for $33 shipped. Not sure if they can be found cheaper elsewhere.
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Hard to believe they want that much for one. I've probably got 4 mics from the elite receivers I've bought in last 5 years and they look identical.
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Just picked up an SC-63 from BB open box for $605.00. I figure that'd be a nice upgrade over a VSX-33, no?

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I just looked up the VSX-33, I think it will be an incremental improvement but not a giant leap. The amp section in the SC will probably be a little stronger and should definitely run cooler, if that matters in your application. Feature wise it seems fairly comparable.
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