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3D is a misnomer

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First post on AVS forums,
The term "3D" is being misused in multimedia context. The terms "pseudo-3D" or "(colour) stereoscopic" should be used in it's place.
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The potential of stereoscopic 3D is that it makes the screen look like a window to a holodeck. You can realize this easily in PC games where the dimensionality of the 3D is configurable on the fly, but from watching movies, this is much harder. If you doubt this, watch my Mass Effect 2 video via usb disk, on a 3DTV. I would say we could use a vocabulary for describing different calibers of 3D though -Movie 3D vs. Game 3D, or Conservative 3D vs. realistic 3D, or shallow 3D vs. realistic 3D.

I will say this one more time, because its hard to understand until you've seen it yourself:

In PC games (and console game, using a workaround) 3D makes the game world look as though it is laid out before you and makes the screen look like a window to a holodeck, only limited by resolution and current graphics technology.

I've seen many people say that holograms will usher in true 3D, but how is a hologram going to make a skyscraper look extremely far up like 3D does (PC gaming 3D), or the chasm at the bottom of a cliff look dangerously far down and look like "its really a 1/4 mile down", or a massive chamber in The Lord of the Rings feel massive. I don't see how the holograms can lay the world out in front of you.

The low dimensionality in movies comes from the fact that to make something feel far away, it must make your eyes stare straight on, like they would in real life when viewing a mountain top in the distance. So if you separate the distant imagery by 6.5cm, which is the average interocular distance (distance between the eyes), what happens to the child who sits in the front row with his/her 2.5cm interocular? Thens theres people who get headaches, and the current assumption [apparently] is that less dimensionality equals less headaches , so they are conservative for that reason to. If that wasn't bad enough, then the moives get played at home and the amount of separation shrinks down to nothing because of the shrinking of the image. I hope eventually they start to film movies with multiple cameras to capture slightly different angles, accounting for adults .vs children and theater screen vs. typical home screen, so that the DVD versions and movie meant for adults would have appropriate depth.
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Cool, if you could be at a different part of the room and see things at a different angle that would make it a lot more like a real window imo. Maybe this would be possible by integrating something like XBOX kinect.
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I think 3D is great in my life, but most of naked-eye 3D devices suck!
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Originally Posted by Eamon Moloney View Post

First post on AVS forums,
The term "3D" is being misused in multimedia context. The terms "pseudo-3D" or "(colour) stereoscopic" should be used in it's place.
Nah. I know what it means, I just prefer brevity.
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3D is the general term to describe anything that exists in real world space as opposed to 2D flat art. When it comes to an illusion of 3D, that can take on many styles of 3D. Today, Home theater and movie theater 3D generally means the stereoscopic 3D or s3D. While there have been many methods to displaying s3D, these all have a common look in that the viewer sees the 3D world from an outside vantage point. The holodeck technology allows the viewer to enter the 3D illusion and wander around the 3D illusion objects. You can't do that with s3D.
There are also other forms of 3D illusion that exist in artistic 2D renditions, such as drop or offset shadowing, occlusion, and forced perspective sizes.

It's all called 3D, but we can be more specific if we choose, like stereoscopic 3D or s3D if that form of 3D is what you are referencing.

"pseudo -3D" is something new that I think people who don't have a broad understanding of the art use. Personally, I don't like this term because it doesn't define what type of 3D it is and it also has gives a bad description mindset for marketing the feature in the equipment.

"colour stereoscopic" is usually called anaglyph 3D in the US by professionals but "colored glasses 3D" to those less understanding of the art.. smile.gif
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