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I am debating between a JVC RS-40 and HD250 and I am curious as to what screen size I could effectively shoot with either one. The depth of my room is 166" so I am figuring a throw distance of about 12'. I would really like to get 120" if possible. I am a newb to this so any help would be greatly appreciated!

Edit: I pulled the trigger on a RS-40 today. After doing some research on screens I think that I will have to go with 110" screen because of my throw distance. I have young children, so I am thinking a fixed frame screen is out of the question (don't want something that is easily reachable by young fingers). With that said, I got some quotes on electric wall mounted screens and found that the budget I had allotted is a little shy of what was recommended. My original budget goal was around $1000 thinking that I could stretch that to $1500 if needed. One of the screens recommended was the Da Lite tensioned with the cinema screen material. This screen is going to run about $1850. There were some less expensive options for electric screens from Da Lite and Screen Innovations but both were non tensioned. My biggest concern is with the life of a tensioned vs non tensioned screen. Is there a significant difference? Are there other screens I should be considering near this price?
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