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I’m planning to build a new HTPC (64-bit Win 7) to be used primarily for HD video playback on a 47” plasma TV. My older 5.1 Panasonic receiver does not support HDMI but it does support optical & digital coax inputs.

I am considering an Asus MB that has both HDMI and Optical S/PDIF outputs.

My goal is to:
1. watch action/adventure films using 5.1 surround system via S/PDIF (TV muted)
2. watch drama/comedy using TV speakers via HDMI (5.1 receiver off)

My questions are:
1. Will the MB output sound to both HDMI & S/PDIF simultaneously or will I need to choose one or the other in BIOS?
2. If only one type of MB output is possible, will the addition of a sound card (one that supports S/PDIF) solve the problem?

Assuming the PC would output sound from both devices, I would go (motherboard) HDMI to the TV and S/PDIF from the sound card to the receiver.

Thanks for reading my post and for any knowledge and insight that you can provide.
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