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How do I reset HDMI AMP?

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What the title says and specifically for my Sony STR-DN1020. I'm having audio issues with my PS3 not bitstreaming DD or DTS on games and only LPCM 48 and in some games, it's only PCM 2.1 when it should be DD or DTS. And so I went to playstation forum and got this suggestion. I wanted to ask back as to how do i reset HDMI AMP but the forum is undergoing maintenance today and can't go in to ask. Any suggestions or advise will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
Reset your HDMI amp.

its decoder auto selection for that HDMI input is messed up....

Its telling the PS3 to select the wrong audio stream.

PCM is Way better than DTS/DD on games but only IF it is actualy in 5.1 but the Amps defaulting to 2.1 aka 3 speakers only....

Reseting the amp Should allow it to select DD/DTS over the PCM 2.1..

Some times you can force DTS/DD 5.1 buy turning off PCM any higher than 2.1 channels in the sound settings of the PS3.

The reason its working for BD is that they don't have PCM 2.0 audio tracks normaly they have DTS MA or True HD audio tracks..

The PS3 can't select PCM 2.0 because theres a specific BD over ride in the menus to ignore the auto request from HDMI amps... and only select bitstream..
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while resetting is never a "bad" idea, whoever gave you the above advice is incorrect... you have an issue with your ps3 settings (or game menu settings), not the avr...

the avr does not tell the ps3 what to send... it can't... when the handshake is negotiated, it makes available to the source "what can i take"... after that, it's entirely up to the source (not the avr) what gets sent... the avr will NEVER say to the source "send me xxx specifically"... it has no way of doing so... there's no such thing as an "auto request", the avr is entirely passive...

as far as "pcm sounds way better...."... ummm.... highly unlikely...
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Ugh ... that "advice" was difficult to read it was so bad. frown.gif

@edtorius -

If you want to pass the undecoded DD/DTS from the PS3 you must change the setting from "Video Setting - BD/DVD Audio Output (HDMI) - Linear PCM" to "bitstream" and ensure the 5.1 audio codecs are checked off under the PS3 Sound settings. Also note that some PS3 games are mixed in PCM audio already and will pass as PCM to the AVR.
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yea, it's hard to believe so much wrong information was contained in so few sentences... tongue.gif with a grand total of zero correct information, no less... biggrin.gif
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Seriously ... I don't often cringe ... but reading that was like having to listen to a cat screetch in the middle of the night. eek.gif
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yea, even by the standards of "advice" given by some newer posters around here lately, that is particularly egregious... frown.gif

the sad part is, it's presented with authority (this IS what is wrong) and someone (or multiple someones) will chase their tail endlessly (or return their avr because it is "broken") based upon authoritative sounding "advice" from someone who obviously is clueless...
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I glitched trying to decide what an "HDMI amp" was; "AVR" must be unknown on that planet.

Gotta' admire consistency...

I had to set my son's PS3 to "bitstream" to get it to work rightly, as has been said.
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I have a PS3 slim connected to my AVR via HDMI and from my AVR to HDTV Sony HX929 via HDMI as well. I did have the audio settings as bitstream instead of lpcm and then I have the sound setup HDMI to Automatic. But still before this problem, all my games audio signal shows as either DD or DTS on my AVR, never on LPCM until yesterday.

I've tried restoring to default settings. I tried unplugging the power and hdmi cables to both PS3 and my AVR. I even tried resetting the video and audio by pressing the power and hold for a couple seconds to setup my video and audio again but still not showing. It was working for a while until yesterday only. I did not do anything new and i have the latest firmware and I don't think the latest firmware caused the problem because i've updated awhile back and it was working fine until yesterday only.

The Bluray movies are working fine though, it's showing the DD, DTS or TRUE HD or MA. It's just the games are now showing LPCM 48 instead of DD or DTS. Any help or suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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As BDs work fine, it may simply be an issue with the audio recorded on those particular games. Try using an optical cable from the PS3 instead to see if you can get the full 5.1.
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Originally Posted by jdsmoothie View Post

As BDs work fine, it may simply be an issue with the audio recorded on those particular games. Try using an optical cable from the PS3 instead to see if you can get the full 5.1.

I don't have any optical cables anymore. May I ask why should we try optical cable? I would rather use HDMI than optical cable.

I've tried a couple of disc based games and all of them sending LPCM 48 signal although it still sends surround sound but my main problem is the downloadable games I downloaded from PSN, not only they're not showing DD or DTS signal, it's sending LPCM 48 signal but only on front left, center and right speakers, no surround sounds, they used to show DD or DTS audio signal before this problem came up. I tried manually setting the HDMI audio unchecking the LPCM audio options, it seems to work on the disc based games, now sending DD or DTS audio signal but the downloadable games still showing LPCM 48 audio signal and still on my 3 front speakers only. Not sure what else to do. frown.gif
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Using optical would just be a test and possible work around until the issue with HDMI can be resolved; however, note there won't be any difference in 5.1 audio quality using the optical cable.
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