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KEF 104/2 Tweeter Replacements

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I finally ordered the modified Morel tweeters from the guy on Ebay (KEF Tweeter). $249 incl shipping may be a bit rich for some but hey they were $2400 - $2900 (rosewood) speakers 30 yrs ago! These tweeters are incredible & are exact KEF spec - 92db - 4 ohm - and drop right in. I tried all the "fixing", ferro fluid etc. This guy nailed it & in the trash the dead SP1191's went! The "Morel Magic Mushrooms" as he calls them are 80w drivers so no more power handling worries there! I highly recommend this improvement & quite frankly it's the only one you need other than new grommets on your woofer mounts.
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Hey there,

I can second the enthusiastic recommend on the "Magic Mushrooms" that Chip sells on e-bay. They really do drop right in and I am truly enjoying the effects of replacing my old T-33's and having the woofer's dust caps re-done. My rosewood '86 models (bought new by me) have never sounded better.

I've since seen a fellow on Audiogon who will re-ferro fluid your originals for $50 a piece and I'm tempted to try him but I like the Morel's so much I guess I'll leave well enough alone.

John in Tennessee
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I'm tempted to try that on mine also but they sound so good to me the way they are I'm afraid to mess with them. These are some speakers that just don't do anything wrong.
I see them on craigslist now and then for reasonable prices. If people only knew how good they sound they'd be snatched up quick.
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Hi, I came across your post regarding the replacement tweeters (Morel Magic Mushrooms) from an EBay site. I have searched for these but have not located exactly which Morel Tweeters would be the specific replacement for the Kef 104/2. I have two pairs of 104/2 and may need to replace the tweeters. I already have had the bass drivers for both pairs of 104's rebuilt and they sound great, now for the tweeters.

Any specific ordering information on which Morels appreciated.

Ben Catanzaro
Grass Valley, Ca
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