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sound bar

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hi i have a sound bar from DGM, and i cant get it to work on my 32" LG tv.
the sound bar came with the red white and yellow cables and it is not working with these. i only have AV IN and AUX in on the back of my tv.
i was told that they need to be "AV OUT" and "AUX OUT" i was also told to get a audio cable with an earphone connection on one end and a red and white on the other, but i have no earphone connection on the back of my tv.

Wat do i do?????

hope some one can help me. its a birthday present from my girlfriend and she is pissed of that it doesn't work! thanks guys!!!
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Post the model # of your LG TV and the model # of the soundbar.
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LG model is: 42P J350-ZA
DGM Sound bar iS: SP121

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Well, if you are trying to get audio FROM your TV to that soundbar, it's not going to happen unless you purchase an optical-to-analog converter. Looking at the user manual for your TV, it apparently only has digital optical audio out. That's it. The soundbar appears to be meant for use with an iPod or to connect something old-school like a VCR. Either get the converter, or explain to GF that you need to return the gift and get something else that will work with the TV.
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thank you

...i don't think she can take it back as she bought it ages ago.
Also with the converter do i need to buy any other cables to connect it up or will i be able to use the red white and yellow ones?
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You will need a converter like this one. Pay attention to the note in red on that page and be sure your TV can output PCM. I think most LG TVs are able to output PCM so you're probably okay. If it can't, I don't think there is any way to use the soundbar and TV together.

If the converter will work for you, you also need a Toslink cable like this. They come in whatever length you need. That connects from your TV to the converter. You can use the red/white cable you have to go from the converter to the soundbar. You won't need the yellow cable.
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thank you very much for your help, it has sorted the problem. smile.gifsmile.gif
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