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Recently purchased an HT-CT150 soundbar and connected my DirecTV receiver and XBox 360 to it. TV works fine and looks and sounds great. When I tried out the XBox, I get sound just fine, but the video has got a "white noise" static to it, except the "noise" is green. Hope that explanation makes sense. It'll flicker every not and then too.

I've moved it from the DVD to the BD input with no improvement. Even tried using the SAT/CA-TV input that I know was working with the receiver. Switched HDMI cables as well. Finally, plugged the XBox back in directly to the TV and it worked perfectly.

I can get a video clip of what it looks like if it'll help... in the meantime, was wondering if anyone out there can help.


For now, I have the Xbox plugged in directly to the TV and am using optical audio to the soundbar...
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