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What are your Fall viewing plans?

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I did a search for a grid of the fall season shows and for the first time in a number of years my DVRs will not be getting a workout. In seasons past there were nights when 5 tuners were humming away, not this year for me. Sunday night has only a minor overlap of Revenge and Good Wife -- which will run late, very late from past experience. Monday night Bones and HIMYM overlap, but 2 tuners solve that, same with Castle and 50.

The rest of the week is about the same, 2 tuners will cover me. I'm only planning on watching a few of the new shows, I'll give "Vegas" and "Arrow" a try. I've added season passes for "Go On" and "New Normal" I've liked what I've seen so far so will watch those. That's about it for me. I refuse to watch "Revolution" I'm boycotting all the post apocalyptic crap that seems to be foisted on us lately. "666 Park Avenue" looks like a retread of a bunch of movies I've seen before, I'll pass. Plus, I''m dropping a few shows like "The Voice" - once a year is enough for me, might watch in the winter/spring.

That 's it for me. A few weeks into the season the networks will be moving shows around and that my necessitate more than 2 tuners, but looking at what's out there for me the odds are slim.

Here is a grid I found at http://tvline.com/2012/05/14/fall-tv-grid-day-by-day-schedule-abc-cbs-fox-nbc-cw/

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For me it looks like:


Definitely watching: Once Upon A Time
New Shows to Try Out: 666 Park Avenue


New Shows to Try Out: Revolution


New Shows to Try Out: Vegas


Definitely watching: Supernatural
New Shows to Try Out: Arrow


Definitely watching: Person of Interest
New Shows to Try Out: Last Resort / Elementary / Beauty and the Beast


Definitely watching: Grimm

So, the score ends up: 4 Returning shows I plan to continue to watch and I'll be sampling 7 shows, of which I may stick with half. So, we're talking, by November, an average of about an hour a week on the broadcast networks. The rest of my viewing will be with cable series as the come back.
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Here's my choices:

Sunday: Amazing Race; Mentalist
Monday: Castle; Revolution (unless it sucks)
Tuesday: NCIS; Vegas (maybe)
Wednesday: Middle; Survivor; Modern Family; Arrow (maybe)
Thursday: Last Resort (maybe); Person of Interest; Elementary (unless it sucks)
Friday: Touch; Fringe
Saturday: uh, Scrabble anyone?

May try another one or two new shows, but nothing really intrigues me. Watched "Go On" last night and wasn't overly impressed.
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Revolution, Last Resort, Nashville, and Animal Practice for me, none of which I expect to survive past the first year. Nashville only because I love Connie Britton, Animal Practice because Justin Kirk was outstanding in Weeds. The other two because I'm a sucker for alt-reality and sci-fi stuff, which usually is the kiss of death for these shows now.

For carryovers I'm finishing up Fringe, still liking Touch and Person of Interest. Hawaii 5-0 too, our guilty pleasure because we love vacationing on the islands. I have S1 of Grimm saved on the Tivo but never watched it, is it worth keeping going into S2?
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SUN: Returning: Sunday Night Football, Once Upon a Time, Revenge (watched that over the summer, great "guilty pleasure" show), Simpsons (now over year behind on my DVR), Family Guy
NEW: 666 Park Av

MON: Returning: HIMYM
New: Revolution, will give Mob Doctor a try but I doubt it lasts long

TUE: Returning: Don't Trust the B, Raising Hope, New Girl (really cracked me up, after the 4th episode or so, glad I gave it a 2nd chance)
New: will give Ben & Kate, Go On, and New Normal a shot; Vegas (with a cast like that it should be worth watching)

WED: Returning: Modern Family
New: Nashville, Animal Practice (just cause "Andy" from Weeds is in it)

THU: Returning: Big Bang Theory, Grey's Anatomy,
New: Elementary

FRI: Fringe, Community (please please don't be ruined)
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New Shows
Animal Practice
Go On


I'll try Vegas but CBS has killed many shows I liked that were still good so may not give it the investment... (Cold Case, CSI Miami etc)
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Originally Posted by lobosrul View Post

Simpsons (now over year behind on my DVR)
I have the same situation. I think I have more than a year, though. I like the show, I just keep putting off watching the episodes because there's been so much other, better stuff on. The show just kind of fell into a rut for a while, but then it seemed like the switch to HD energized them for a while, only to have it fall back to "meh" writing again. The show isn't bad, it just isn't as sharp as it used to be.
Originally Posted by dfergie View Post

I'll try Vegas but CBS has killed many shows I liked that were still good so may not give it the investment... (Cold Case, CSI Miami etc)
You make it sound as if they killed them after 6 episodes. Most networks would love the luxuray of killing a successful show before it ends up on the discount rack because they have so many other shows that do well to fill in.

That's actually the sign that a show is leaving before it becomes a shell of itself (like the one mentioned in the first quote in my post). When a show finishes with you wanting more, you remember how good it was. While I don't like it when a show I like gets cancelled, it takes a lot of the fun out of watching it when you have an ER situation where gangrene has set in and amputation is inevitable.

There's nothing worse than watching your heroes hobble about far beyond their prime.
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Another thing for me is the time to watch, I have the entire season of Person of Interest archived to an EHDD and have never watched...
Returning Timers
Late Night, Tonight Show & Jimmy Fallon (depends on guests)

Hawaii Five-0
The Good Wife
2 Broke Girls
The Big Bang Theory
Survivor: Philippines


Sons of Anarchy
Hell on Wheels
Inside the NFL
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As a sitcom fan I'll need to do a lot of recording on Tuesday nights.

Tuesdays there will be programming in conflict on three networks.  As caregiver for an elderly parent, I'm subject to interruption at any moment and must record and timeshift everything I watch, so recording two channels while watching the third live is not an option for me.  The two dual-tuner DVRs should cover three channels with one to spare, except that with no connection to an outdoor antenna in that room one DVR depends on an indoor antenna (the other is on the cable) and its reception is not reliable enough.

Installing another outdoor antenna is beyond my capability and hiring someone to do it is beyond my budget, so I have to figure out which of the three stations comes in most solidly the most often and use the OTA DVR for that and the cable DVR for the other two. Then if it still pixelates too much, guess I'll use VOD to watch the programs that didn't record well enough.
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New shows I'll watch:

Animal Practice. It's not great stuff but it's funny enough and not annoying and cloying (New Girl) or insulting and obnoxious (New Normal, whose idea seems to be we will give you an obnoxious queen and an obnoxious homophobe and dare you to pick the right side; I'll just not watch your stupid show, thank you). I like the lead actor and the monkey.

Last Resort: at first glance, this looks like a ho hum NCIS type drama, but then i read the synopsis and it is totally bonkers! I'm watching before it gets cancelled.

Checking out:

Revolution: I'm a nerd and can't stay away from SciFi shows even when they give every early indication of sucking. Plus: Gus Fring!

Nashville: I'm not into country music, but then I wasn't into HS football either.


Big Bang, Modern Family, 30 Rock, Park & Rec, Homeland, Dexter (please stop sucking).

I just realize that last year after giving up on Fringe I did not watch ANY network drama show. Is that right? Wow.

Hate watching:

AI, X factor

Semi hate watching:

Am Horror Story.
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I will be adding Revolution and Last Resort (for as long as they last) to my calendar. I will watch them on my DVR when I choose to - pretty much what I do with all my programs these days.
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Here's another grid that also includes premiere dates:


... and just a reminder that Dexter and Homeland premiere on Showtime on 9/30.
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Unless something surprises me, this look like a terrible year for new shows.
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Originally Posted by Dooder View Post

Unless something surprises me, this look like a terrible year for new shows.
I have to agree.

Very little looks promising long term, but I've been fooled by previews before. For example, I remember hoping that that the Harlem Globetrotters weren't going to eventually show up on "Lost" island after seeing the preview stuff.
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Busy in the fall, but I will stay with TBBT, my favorite TV show!
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New shows revolution, last resort and vegas

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Had to pull Revolution from my list. DWTS runs 2hours and one minute on Mondays so it encroaches on 10:00 PM where I have Hawaii 5-0 - couldn't add Revolution. Oh well.
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Looks like I sort of spoke too soon --- until Warehouse 13 and Alphas end their summer run my dvrs will be getting a workout on Monday. Had to shift a couple of things around due to this.

All in all for me a very uninspiring fall season. Only thing I'm looking forward to is the return of many of my season favorites from last year.

New stuff:

Revolution --- not a chance
Vegas --- I'll watch for a while
Mob Doctor --- You have to be kidding
Nashville -- I'll pass
Chicago Fire -- I know nothing about it, might tune in once
Last Resort --- not a chance
Elementary ---- Sherlock on BBC ruined me for any other updates of Holmes
Beauty and the Beast -- you have to be kidding
Made in Jersey --- No interest
666 Park Ave. --- I'll pass.

So Out of those 10 shows very little interest here, not sure about everyone else. Revolution got some good numbers I see, but not for me.
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Originally Posted by Matt L View Post

Revolution got some good numbers I see, but not for me.
I never take premiere numbers for any series as gospel. If they're still up there for episode 3, then there's a good chance they mean something.

However, even that's no guarantee, either. Knight Rider and The Event had good numbers for quite a few episodes before tanking.
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I must say, Revolution sounded pretty decent the other day. There was an encore this week of the show and i tuned in for a little bit just for the beginning part of the show where the power began turning off and the planes were dropping out of the sky. prety good surround effects throughout the program as well.
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In no particular order:

CSI (assuming I'll catch up with the previous season before the new one begins! wink.gif)
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Well to compliment my disinterest in most of the news shows my returning favorites are pretty underwhelming too. Castle, Bones, Hawaii Five-O, 2 broke girls all had weak openings at least for me.

Watched the opener of Vegas tonight and it was OK. I'll tune in again but it didn't really grab me and leave me wanting more.
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By far most excited about...

Person of Interest
Greys Anatomy
Family Guy
Real World/Road Rules Challenge
Real Time with Bill Maher

Not interested in any of the new shows at all. Plan on going back and trying out Sons of Anarchy, Californication, and catching up on True Blood, Eastbound and Down, Louie, and Southland.
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Matt l I couldn't even make it through the first 2 episodes of 2 broke girls.

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