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Video, but NO sound over HDMI on Onkyo TX-NR414

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I have an Onkyo TX-NR414 on latest firmware. Connected to the receiver using HDMI is an HTPC running XBMC (Asrock ION 330, XBMCBuntu, latest). I have a standard 5.1 audio system from Canton.

Yesterday I wanted to watch a movie, but the sound was gone all of a sudden. I don't think I've changed anything, either hardware or software settings. I've tried a variety of settings in XBMC itself but it had no effect whatsoever. I've also checked the receivers settings...nothing seems out of order. I switched to standard digital television to check if maybe the receiver couldn't output sound anymore, but TV works just fine (using optical audio).

I tried a different HDMI port (it has 3 inputs) and even changed the HDMI cable, but still no sound. For now, I've changed to optical audio which works just fine, But I only have 2 optical audio ports which are used by my digital television and xbox 360, so I'd rather use HDMI for this.

Anyone has an idea how I could troubleshoot this one or maybe find ut what's wrong?

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I would double check your audio assignments in the settings on the receiver. Also try unplugging it and then plug back in. If there is still no sound you may want to do a reset to the receiver. It should show in the manual how to do it. It may clear everything though so that's why i mention do do it last.

Hope that helps.
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As I've said, I've tried a different HDMI port and even replaced the HDMI cable, so unplugging and plugging it back it won't help either.

I have double checked the settings, still nothing seems strange. Any particular settings I should check before I reset the receiver? Does a reset also undo any firmware updates installed on the receiver?
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HTPCs can have EDID issues when connected to an AVR. Try getting the HTPC to work correctly when connected directly to the TV to ensure the HTPC settings are correct. In some instances, adding an HDMI switch/splitter between the HTPC and the AVR will resolve the issue. If you should decide to reset the microprocessor, it will return all settings to mfr defaults, however, will not undo any firmware updates.
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That sounds like a great way to troubleshoot this problem jdsmoothie! if the HTPC is indeed the problem (which seems more likely somehow), What exactly is an EDID issue?
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EDID issues can be both audio and/or video related ... it's basically the information the TV passes to the source device to let it know what video and audio it's capable of receiving, which might not always agree with what the AVR is capable of receiving.

Although the following post was written for Denon AVRs, you may find it helpful as well ...

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Great, that is information I can work with, I'll keep you updated!
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I installed a TX-NR414 for a customer in May to a DIRECTV satellite system. Customer called me today and said they had video but no audio. I powered down the 414 and all units hooked up to it, but it didn't resolve the audio issue. I tried disengaging all HDMI wires from all components and hooking them back up but no luck there either. So I then changed inputs on the back of the 414. I moved the DIRECTV from SAT input to BD input and audio/video seemed to work fine. The one difference I noticed was on the Sat input. I can't get the display in front of the 414 to show system is running through HDMI and the dolby setting will not come up either. The SAT input reads that it is running through a "Logic" mode (not exactly sure which "Logic" mode it is in, but that is the mode its in). I couldn't get the 414 settings on the BD input to match the SAT input so I left it hooked up through the BD input. Can anyone help? Do I need to attempt a firmware update, or is it possible to restore the 414 how we originally had it, with the audio and video both working through the SAT input? Should I try resetting 414, which was an option I noticed on another thread? I appreciate any help I could get with this. Thank you.
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