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I have an A/V distribution system that sends video from multiple sources in my network closet through a component video switch and out to several different TVs throughout my house. All video sources must be hooked up to the switch with component video cables. I'd like to add a Blu-ray player into the mix, but I understand that they won't output full 1080i quality unless you use the HDMI output. Any advice on how to get around this? The two options I've found are:

--Use an HDFury type device to convert the player's HDMI output into component before sending through the switch. Any potential problems with this? Will switching between sources and TVs while the player is playing possibly confuse the HDFury or the BD player and mess up the signal? Which version of the HDFury do I need? (I need the end output to be HD component video and digital 5.1 audio over an RCA-type cable.

--Find an older BD player that doesn't have the component restriction. Any potential problems with this route? Any recommendations for models to look for? I'd really like it to be able to handle Amazon VOD, Netflix, and Hulu. Is this possible with an older player?

Any advice on how to make this work would be great. Thanks!