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Klipsch RF 82 or Polk Audio RTi A9

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I've been looking around and the Klipsch RF 82 & Polk Audio RTi A9 speakers are in my price range. Which would you recommend? I'm currently running a Denon AVR 2312CI in my HT, with a Mitsubishi Projector, 105" screen, HSU sub & B & W inwall rear surround speakers.

Looking for somoene who has heard or owned both. I don't have anywhere close I can go listen to them.

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Since you are in Houston head over to Fry's, they should have both of these speakers.
I like the Klipsch much better than the Polk, but there are plenty of others that will like the Polk better than the Klipsch.
To my ear the Klipsch has more details in the sound, better definition of the different instruments, and the voices are easier to understand.
The polk sounds like it is muffled in side by side comparo.
When the volume is turned up the Klipsch keeps its personality, just at a higher level.
With the Polk the louder it gets the more harsh it sounds.

These speakers sound very different from each other, you really need to listen to them for yourself.
If you like the Polk you should look at the LSi25, Fry's has them in the audio ad for a very good price, FWIW I would still take the RF-82 but that is just what I would so.
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I agree, go to Frys and listen. The A7 and A9 were both in a separate receiver/speaker demo room which was small, but the RF82 was in a big room show casing 'systems'.

To ME, the RF82 were much clearer and easier to understand. I used Rage Against The Machine as my demo CD. It was loud, could hear the cymbals, and the bass was deep. Had them power it with denon 3312. The polks just sounded like it had no highs at all and the voices were muffled.

Denons have audyssey, so not sure how that affects these speakers in a real home environment...

Many people say the Klipsch can be fatiguing, but pairing it with a Denon should help (from what I've read), but I have not had enough time to go sit and listen to see if I get fatigued.
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Thanks! Didn't know Fry's had HT rooms or that many displays to listen to. I'll def head that way before I buy.
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