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Good news!!!

I called Lutron tech support. I verified my wiring with them, noting that I hooked the hot feed up to the hot terminal that is engraved on the back plastic case, not the hot terminal next to the neutral terminal.

He said the unit is a dual feed, for situations that aren't allowed to have larger than 15A circuits (New York City). In this case the HOT 1 and HOT 2 terminals on both sides need to be connected to hot feeds (or jumpered to the same feed). I hooked my hot feed up to both hot terminals, and it looks like it works now.

You learn something new every day. Hats off to Lutron tech support coming through, on a Sunday afternoon no less.

Multiple hot terminals:

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Excellent! I did not know such a thing existed. Thanks for sharing.

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It's been a few weeks since my last update, so here goes:

One of the weeks was spent visiting Mickey Mouse and my parents in Florida, so no progress there. This past weekend I got some decent time to work on the basement. I spent the better part of one of the days cutting up the cement backer board to use in recessed light backer boxes. I got it all cut and 18 backer boxes assembled:

On the material front, I ordered some additional IB-1 clips and an automatic door bottom from the Soundproofing Company. I bought and installed the Lutron Maestro dimmers that I am using in the general living areas of the basement. I also bought a 32" solid core door. I'm a bit disappointed by the door that I got- it is less dense than I would have hoped for. I may end up adding some MDF/GG to it to beef it up.

I had a buddy help me out one day and was able to knock out some more of the pre-drywall wiring tasks that still remain. The modifications to existing wiring/ducts/plumbing seem like a never ending list of chores. I installed an 8" flex run to the theater for an HVAC return. I've also got about 90% of my clips and channel installed throughout the basement:
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Current theater progress- ceiling is 100% insulated, all clips/channel done on the ceiling, and I got a few sheets of OSB up on the ceiling.
Screen wall:

Back wall:

I finished up a bunch of wiring and HVAC tasks throughout the basement. The biggest thing is that I wired and temporarily hooked up recessed lights throughout the basement:

One odd area is the hallway between the theater and the stairs. I was just going to put a few recessed lights down the center of the hall, but there is a joist running smack down the center. My initial thought was to use a few of the gimbaled trim lights installed off center and set to wash one or both of the walls (maybe with photos or movie posters). The wife seems to be against this idea.

Does anyone have any lighting ideas or examples of similar areas from other builds?
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Diagram of current lighting layout:
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Weekend update:
I hung the first layer of OSB/drywall on the theater ceiling:
Screen wall

Rear wall

I also continued to do more of the seemingly endless list of duct, wire, and pipe modifications in the larger basement area to prepare to start hanging drywall in earnest. (I've only had huge stacks of drywall for 3 months or so now, lol).
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I started putting a small dent in my huge stacks of drywall today.
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Haven't updated in a while- mostly 'cause my progress is embarrassingly slow:

Some additional drywall and lights installed in the general living area of the basement. I have to take a break from the ceiling work because my drywall piles are in the way.

I moved to the theater room to start making a dent in the drywall piles. One thing I did this weekend was move my door to the theater to the back end of the room. This gets it away from the corridor that heads to the stairs. I also decided to build my own door jambs out of 1x poplar, since I wasn't too happy with the cheesy split jambs that came on the prehung door that I bought. I've got a good portion of the first layer of walls up throughout the theater. I'm doing a mix of OSB and drywall for this layer. I didn't do OSB everywhere because (a) it is more than double the price of drywall, (b) it is a pain to fasten compared to drywall, (c) I don't really plan on needing a surface to attach columns and soffits everywhere.

Screen wall:

Back wall:
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I've got the first layer of OSB/Drywall up in the entire theater (except for the bottom face of my beam soffit). I also spent some time today routing spots for hinges in my beefed up door and my DIY jambs. I used 1x8 poplar for the jamb and added a sheet of 3/4 MDF w/ GG to my solid core door. That door is a heavy bitch now. I also put my automatic door bottom on it too. I still need to address stops at some point in the future.

I hope to get some progress made on my second layer of drywall this week.


Rear wall:

Screen wall:
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Good progress on the drywall. I feel for ya...it just seemed to go on and on for me too. I think you made a good decision to move the door as well.
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Nice build, going at a very good speed.
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Commencing 2nd layer of drywall:

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I wish I had the space for a project like this! Great work so far. Keep the pictures coming!
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Great progress, and good job with the obligatory GG shot!
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I almost made my goal of finishing the second layer in the theater this week. The second layer is up on the ceiling. I have about 3 sheets to hang on the walls, and then need to fill in some skinny strips here and there + close in the bottom of my beam soffit.

Screen wall:

Back wall:

Progress on one of my once 4' tall stacks of drywall:
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Somewhat off-topic: I have a dehumidifier that keeps freezing up on me. The fan works well, and I've cleaned the coils and filter out with air (They were very dusty from basement construction).

Does anyone who knows more about refrigeration than me have troubleshooting/repair ideas?
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How old is the dehumidifier? I don't know much about it, and there are certainly other possible causes, but I know that a freezing coil can be a sign of low refrigerant.
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Originally Posted by J_P_A View Post

How old is the dehumidifier? I don't know much about it, and there are certainly other possible causes, but I know that a freezing coil can be a sign of low refrigerant.
It's probably about 2 yrs old. It is a Frigidaire.

I've found a semi-solution. It has a digital humidistat setting. If I set it at about 50 or higher, it seems to work without freezing- below that, it ices up.
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The basic double drywall shell is done in the theater (no soffits yet). The theater will be on hiatus now for a while while I try to finish drywalling the rest of the basement. The biggest milestone is that I got one of my two drywall stacks out of the way.

Remaining drywall:

Rest of basement:
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I've got a semi-deadline in mind for (mostly) finishing work in my larger basement area. We've got a second kid on the way in early August, and I'd like to at least have the general living areas painted and ready for flooring by then. I know my my ability to get things done will be greatly impeded after her arrival.

I've got the whole ceiling drywalled, and all of the top parts of the walls done. I just need to fill in some of the bottom halves and build soffits to box in beams/ducts/pipes. Hopefully I'll be totally done hanging the drywall by next weekend. I plan to hire out the taping and mudding, so I expect more rapid progress at that point.

Current basement status:

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Looking good, your almost there. I had an august deadline too, baby#2 on the way. Pretty much my whole build is done except a few odds and ends.
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PM coming your way - Subscribing for local updates.
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A new baby is imminent (scheduled for Monday morning) and I didn't get quite as far as I had hoped. Good news is- my larger basement areas are all drywalled and will be taped/finished this week. Hopefully the new family addition doesn't grind progress to a halt.

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We had a cute little girl last week:

and meanwhile paid someone to do the taping and finishing of the drywall in my basement.

It's super easy to accomplish stuff when you just pay other people to do it! I'm just waiting for them to finish up the final coat and sanding so I can continue my basement/theater progress. I think the drywall finishing is one case where it is money well spent. They had the corner bead up, and everything taped on day 1. I don't even want to try to guess at how long I would be spending to do this...

First step will be to build some cabinets/shelving for the area by the remaining pole, ducts, and pipe. I also need to get my soffits done in the theater to use up my remaining drywall. Then I've got to paint and get some flooring in and the general basement areas will be just about done. I bought Delta-FL for the floor just in case of future moisture and water issues. Any Delta-FL tips from anybody else that's used it?
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Oh, and the theater is looking nice, too smile.gif
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Speaking of the theater, I haven't posted any current pictures in a while.

Screen wall:

Toward back wall:
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I need to start making some new progress on the theater- specifically framing the soffits and running the ducts and wires through them. Now that the shell is done, I'm revisiting my plans for columns, speakers, and light locations within the theater. I have a few specific issues that I need to resolve. Thoughts on these would be appreciated!
  1. Column locations on side (and possibly back) walls - I was planning to do minimal depth columns around the room to enclose surround speakers and room outlets. Since I'm cramming a third row bar seating area into the room, it might be a good idea to just wall mount the rear surrounds to minimize the encroachment on walkways? Column on sidewall (like the bottom half of the diagram), a column on the back wall somewhere (top half of diagram), or neither?
  2. Grafik Eye location - I don't really have an excellent place to put my GE when you enter the room. I could put it in any of the three locations marked with the orange GE box. The two column mounted options would be easiest, but the left one is on the hinge side of the door (possibly weird), and the rightmost one is several feet away from the entrance. The third option would be to cut into the drywall shell and recess it into the wall near the latch side with a backer box. This option could be complicated because of wall studs and the steel support pole that are in the wall in that area. It would also require some fishing of cables and additional penetrations that the column options avoid.
  3. Light spacing - Recessed cans will go in a soffit + light tray that will surround the room perimeter. I can't put any lights in the red dotted area- it's the big ass beam soffit that houses my support beam, HVAC trunk, line set, and a bunch of plumbing. I'm kind of leaning toward evenly spacing multiple lights between each column (a la the top of the diagram). Thoughts?

Also, speaker-wise, I'll probably build some of the diysoundgroup speakers for LCR. Karma 10's maybe... I had been looking at something like the Klipsch RS-41 II for the surrounds previously. Is there a better option (DIY maybe) for a low profile surround speaker?

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After adding speaker placement guidelines to your plan, I played around with speaker and column placement.

-Consider pulling your front left and right speakers further apart. The plan below has them at 22 degrees from room centerline.

SIDE WALLS (Option 1):
- On the left side of your room (top of image), I shifted the 2 columns a little closer to the screen, so the column closest to the back of the room is centered under your soffit that runs across the room. This puts the surround speaker in that column closer to the preferred 110 degree location (which may or may not be the correct location based on the type of speaker you select). This placement also allows for 5 equally spaced lights along the side of the room.

SIDE WALLS (Option 2):
- I modified the column placement on the right side of the room to include 3 columns. This would allow you to place surrounds at the end of each row with a DSP or perhaps a single surround at the end of your preferred row. Again, you would have to pick the right type of speaker for this location. It would also put the column closest to the back of the room right by your door, making placement of your Grafik Eye a little easier. Because you can't place lights in your existing soffit (dashed red lines), I placed a light in front of each column to get an equal spacing along that wall. This may not be enough light though.

- I think placing your rear surrounds above the riser will put them too close together. A 60 degree separation is preferred, but because your room is so deep, this actually puts them on the side walls when measured from the front row, so I think moving them off the riser and into columns next to the riser would be a good compromise.

Regardless of which scheme you go with, I would recommend putting the 2 side lights that are closest to the screen on the same circuit as the screen wash lights. That way you can have the soffit lights on and not wash out the screen.

Edited by Spaceman - 8/20/13 at 6:42pm
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Thanks! The three column concept seems like a more natural spacing and it would eliminate my GE issue.

I'm thinking that the single light in front of each column would be too dim. I could also look into the possibility of sconces in between columns.
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A few builds have used puck lights. That might allow you to add additional fixtures between the columns without worrying about what's inside your existing soffit.
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