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I made one of these kind of water dust traps today and shop vac'd up all of the drywall dust that was left from the mudding/sanding process. I'm definitely impressed at how well it worked. I filtered out the drywall dust perfectly and turned the water in the bucket into a filthy reconstituted drywall mud-like substance.
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Today's fun: I got a delivery of 35 sheets of OSB, 5 MDF, and 3 plywood. I started laying down my Delta-FL in the basement and carrying all those sheet goods inside. Either I'm getting old, or that was a lot of wood to carry, or both.

I've got the landscape fabric, Delta, and OSB down now in the whole large room area, just need to finish the OSB in the hallways. I also still need to tapcon the OSB down (can't wait to do that!).
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No theater-specific progress. I've started cutting up MDF/Ply for shelves in the family room. Delta-FL and OSB is done and mostly tapcon'd down. Today we primed most of the basement walls and ceiling.

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Might as well update the movement of this glacier...

The theater has seen no work for quite a while. I finished building out the inside and face frames of my cabinet/shelves that hide some of my plumbing and HVAC in the family room. All walls and ceilings were primed, ceilings painted, and a couple of walls have been painted.

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Periodic update time:

Still working on the general basement areas. Paint is done. Built in shelves are done except for removable shelves and cabinet doors. I've got some doors painted and hung to the bathroom and mechanical rooms. Flooring is going in. I hope to have most of the flooring and a good dent put in the trim work this week. Outlets are all wired and installed. I do need to terminate all the CAT6/Coax drops still.


The theater hasn't changed much for a while. I have a 2x2 ledger up around the perimeter of the room for soffits. I also picked up a roll of Linacoustic a couple months ago while I was in VA for work. (Completely getting ahead of myself).

Future Screen Wall:
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