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Diamond Multimedia Android Media Player AMP1000 *Semi-Official* Discussion Thread

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Has anybody tried the AMP1000 yet?


I just received mine yesterday, so I'm just learning to use the motion-sensing remote.

But my first experiences with Netflix, YouTube and local network video files are very positive.

If you're interested, check the reviews on Liliputing:

and Android Police:
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It is an interesting device for sure!

My review unit shipped with Android 2.3, and I just received instructions for updating to Android 4.0. What version are you running?

My initial experience with YouTube, unfortunately, wasn't all that positive. I had periodic tearing of the videos. Maybe the ICS upgrade will help. Yet to try Netflix etc. Did check out the motion sensing remote and tried a couple of games. Needs some getting used to smile.gif
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As soonest I read Android OS......oh well it sounds good rolleyes.gif
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I did upgrade to Android 4.0.3, and I upgraded the Netflix app.

I haven't tried any games, but Plex works fine.

Typing is the worst experience - I'm not a thumb typist. I may change for the Hacker's Keyboard...
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Just a straight re-badge of the Geniatech ATV1000 - no longer listed on their website, it's been replaced by the ATV1100. I've had one of the ATV1000 for ages, these boxes were really intended for Android 2.3 only, they weren't meant to run Android 4, that's what the newer Amlogic chips are for.

You can find the general purpose Geniatech thread over here, the latest Android 4 firmware is here, though with Geniatech boxes you must be at a certain SPI/firmware level before you can update to the latest version (there not retroactive so you have to install the older updates first). Think of SPI updates as bios updates and the firmware updates as the actual OS image.

If Diamond supply a version of Android 4.04 then it sounds like they've already applied the necessary updates so the one from Geniatech should work.

To force flash the the update copy the zip over to an SDcard, rename the file as update.img, unplug the ATV1000, hold the reset button down on the box then plug in the power lead, it will eventually bring you to the recovery menu (let go of reset button) and flash the firmware.

You can also run Android XBMC on these as it is an Amlogic 8726-M1 chip. There is a Android TV generic user manual from MyGica over here which covers the various remotes used by these boxes, MyGica are the retail arm of Geniatech.

The Mali GPU is pretty weak on the 8726-M1 only 1 core and low clock speed, dont expect any miracles with it for 3D content, for a CPU speed boost install SetCPU and set the profile to on-demand as the default CPU governor profile holds the system back.
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There is an Amlogic specific build of XBMC here: http://www.futeko.com/forum/index.php?mode=thread&id=5098

It will give you 720p XBMC on the Diamond box.
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OMG, @Alx330! It is a shameful ripoff!

@iboum, thank you! I installed that XBMC release on my AMP1000 and it works perfectly!
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Ref. Geniatech : Not a surprise at all. That is how most of the industry works. OEM / ODM manufacturing: These companies like Geniatech make products based on ideas provided by the chip companies like AMLogic / Marvell etc. They bring it to the trade shows like CeBit, CES, IFA and so on, where reps from companies like Diamond Multimedia go and check them out. If a deal is signed, the OEM / ODM companies may make slight tweaks to hardware (like putting the selling company's logo on the box) and firmware (again, adding a logo or some other minor feature in the setup / functionality) as per the request of the marketing company.

This is a win-win for both: Geniatech doesn't need to worry about cost of marketing to the end consumer or worry about the logistics of keeping store shelves stocked as these are areas where the marketing company like Diamond is already good (they have a name with consumers already). For companies like Diamond, they can keep their product lines flowing without devoting much resources to R&D while they try to concentrate on, say, some other long-term projects. For consumers, the 'power of the name' of companies like Diamond make sure that a decent volume of the product is moved and the per-person cost goes down (similar to getting things cheaper in a group buy, only on a much larger scale)
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