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Video Processor or AV Receiver

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Just a question. What would you rather purchase? A DVDO EDGE GREEN for instance or a good AVR receiver? If you choose the receiver, which would it be?
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Depends on what content you watch and what other devices are being used

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Lets say Direct tv programming (sports and movies) and a blu ray connected also.
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Originally Posted by raypjuarez View Post

Lets say Direct tv programming (sports and movies) and a blu ray connected also.

FWIW, I just pulled the Edge from my media stack after upgrading the receiver to a Yamaha RX-A2010 (it uses the HQV Vida 1900 video processor) and comparing the performance back-to-back. The Edge was quite satisfactory -- but so was the receiver-- so the Edge became redundant.

But, IMHO, it all comes down to:

1) the quality of the VP in the receiver compared to the dedicated VP

2) the actual implementation of the VP in the receiver (hint: download and read the owner's manual prior to purchase)

3) features you may desire from a dedicated VP that a receiver will not do (see hint above)

4) what you want the VP to actually do

There was a time not so long ago where proper de-interlacing and scaling were problematic for many displays and projectors. Today that is not so much the case and most new TV's and projectors will do a fine job of de-interlacing and scaling the common NTSC signals (480i, 720p, 1080i) to 1080p and thus, IMHO, the usefulness of VP's is skewed more toward such tasks as CMS and advanced adjustments.

What is your specific display and can your SAT box and Blu Ray player output native (aka "Source Direct") video signals?
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Panny TC-P55GT30 is my display. Appreciate the feedback guys. What bugs me the most about Direct tv is that mist of the HD signals are 1080i.
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I am in a similar situation, I have the edge green and find it adds no value to my hd signals. It does a good job as a media splitter and resizing images. However for some of the hd channels I have that look bad it does nothing for them. Nor does it help some of the sd channels I watch.I have recently went from a 55in led to a 115in projector so flaws I didn't see before are now loud and clear.I was hoping that maybe the edge green was just really weak and that some of the new receivers that can upscale to 4K may have a much stronger processor in them. I need to upgrade my home theartre in a box so a receiver seems like a good choice.When I do get the receiver I will compare and let you know, although I think in order to get the results we want we may have to spend at least 1500 on a Lumagen.
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Most video processors can be calibrated while receivers can't. That seems like a big vote in favor of a processor to me.
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