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Help Needed - 2 Bookshelf Speakers & a Center Channel

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I am upgrading some decent bookshelf speakers I've had for years - JM Lab (AKA Focal) Chorus 707. I also had the matching center channel and 10 inch whoofer. The speakers have taken a bit of a beating over the past 10 years through a handful of moves, and I'm not getting to the point of upgrading.

I need some help finding a comparable set, and also some help positioning them on my furniture. At the moment I'm looking at the B&W 685 for bookshelfs + HTM61B for a center channel. I may take keep my old woofer, or I may go without one. Does anyone have suggestions for something similar and or a slight upgrade that I might want to look into? These will mostly be used for TV / Movie watching, and will be light on the music. My overall budget is roughly $2K or under

In addition, I'm looking at where I should place these in my new furniture unit. At the moment based upon how things are positioned, I was thinking I could place the bookshelf speakers on their side all the way on the top of the unit, and the center channel in the middle shelf above the TV.


Can someone validate that this won't completely kill the sound, or is the position going to really bother me?

Thanks again for any advice you can give.
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how about...
this with this
going with sub... or this

the PSB B6 bookshelves should be much better than the B&W. you will even save some dough
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Food for thought. Thanks for the recommendation... Now to see if I can actually find a place to listen to them.

Also, and feedback on how I can position them? Will it be OK if they are about 3 feed above listening level placed on their sides?
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Ascend CMT340s pr for 550.00, Center 300, and good ID sub- SVS, HSU, etc...500-600 dollars!
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