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Wi Fi Lan adapter that works with Panasonic DMP-BDT 110?

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Hi All,
Just moved and can no longer use the wired set-up I had to use Netflix streaming on the blue ray player. We do have u-verse and wireless modem in separate building on the property and it's strong enough signal to use laptop next to where tv/blue ray player goes.
So I thinking to try and see if I can stream movies wire less, but need to find a reasonably priced Lan adaptor that works with the 110 player.
Are there any ones out there that are compatible, except strictly Panasonic?

I was thinking trying to find one on e-bay for cheap...
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Basically any gaming adapter, bridge or router running in bridge mode will work fine, so long as it plugs into the ethernet port, not USB (only panasonic's USB wifi dongle works in that case). The latter is usually the cheapest option. I use an old router running DD-WRT firmware. Tomato firmware is another option. That turned out to be free in my case. Bridges and gaming adapters typically run $40-$100, or much less if you by used or refurb on ebay. Power line adapters are another popular option that works well.

If it turns out you can only find an expensive solution, you may as well buy a new player with wifi built in. A Sony 570, for example, which is wifi with netflix goes for $50-$70 on ebay these days. Personally, the black flashes on netflix on the 110 drove me crazy, so I was happy to get rid of it and get a better player.

Good luck
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Thanks! Interesting suggestions..

I have an old wireless router not in use Linksys WRK54G (not N speed) 2.4 GHZ though and probably not the device you are referring to? It worked fine last time in use. My current wireless I run the U-verse Internet with is the "At t 2-Wire 3800HG". I found a NetGear WNCE2001 Universal WIFI Adapter on e-bay, is that what would work in your scenario, using the regular ether net input?


I also read somewhere that the U-verse 2 wire modem was tricky to put in bridge mode, but maybe it's the other router / gaming controller by the blue ray I'd need need to somehow set in bridge mode - not sure how to do that?

Reg. the 110 and Netflix and black flashes, I thought it was only mine that did that due to slow internet speed or something...smile.gif
I do like the player apart from that though, I do not have a 3d tv so the 3d is not an issue fro me. Do you think the Sony 570 is a better player? I did see you can buy a used one with the 5:1 surround sound for around $100 on e-bay...pretty good deal.
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That should work fine. No external antenna means a more limited range, so keep that in mind. I have one very similar to that I bring with me when I travel. Just get it all set up and working on your PC then plug it in the player.

I agree setting up a router in bridge mode and possibly loading custom firmware is complicated. If you can figure it out, that should work too.

The 570 is a very good player over all, especially when it comes to DLNA and the number of streaming apps. However, while the Netfilx app has no black flashes, the interface isn't as nice as Panasonic's. And Panasonic's DVD upconversion is a bit better. If you're happy and can get the cheap adapter/bridge working, may as well keep what you've got.
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