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For Sale: Denon 5800

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This Classified is Closed

For Sale:
Denon 5800

Will Ship To: Nowhere -- local only

This has got to go, no reasonable offer refused.

I need to thin the herd a bit, so this is up for sale. I bought this second hand to drive my wife's setup, but have switched to something different for her.

Denon 5800. Good condition, no functional issues that I am aware of. No remote, however, I will throw in an old Harmony I have if you need it.

$400, cash. Local pickup only (zip code 08108). I do have the original box for it, however, I do not trust the internal packing to hold up through another passage through shipping. Also, it weighs a ton.

PM if interested. Not looking for trades, I need to get rid of some equipment, not add more. smile.gif

Thanks for looking.
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bump for a very nice receiver.

this and a cheap auto sensing hdmi switch would be a LOT better value than a cheap modern AVR
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thanks archea... smile.gif

yea, it wouldn't be bad for that at all... tbh, i never used it for anything other than 2-channel... it was purchased used awhile ago for my wife's office/studio... she's using her tube integrated in there now, so i literally have no use for this...

add this to the rockets i have for sale, and someone could have a REAL nice 2 channel setup for under $1k... wink.gif

if it doesn't sell soon, i'm just gonna give it (and the rockets) to a friend of mine for christmas... he could use it, and i'll clear out some space at last...
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