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XBMC for live cable tv streaming WITH guide

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Is there a way to use the XBMC front end to watch live tv with a guide? I've seen 1 or 2 examples on youtube but they don't tell you how. I have a HDHomerun Prime with a cablecard so wherever there's a computer I can watch all my tv with recording capabilities. However, my living room TV needs some form of front end to get the same access. It can't just get Windows Media Center like my laptops so.. and I was thinking about getting a raspberry pi or those mini USB stick Android PCs to just run XBMC and stream my live cable tv through that.

From what I saw on youtube, I keep reading XBMC-PVR with MediaPortal tv server backend. I dont know what this means. Does this mean my main computer/media server is setup with MediaPortal tv server and then other XBMC devices can access this server? If so, what would I have to do on the frontend (in XBMC) to get the TV guide interface with updates, with recording capabilities?

What is XBMC PVR?

Are there more simpler options than to go through this? I gave up the cablebox at $20/month so I can get a cable card for $2/month and bought the HDHomerun Prime. I can use an xbox360 as a media extender but it runs hot and loadup time is kind of long. And I would need to buy an xbox.
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It is possible to use XBMC to watch livetv with a guide but it is quite a bit of work. Since you are using a HDHomerun Prime your only option for a PVR backend is mythtv. Mediaportal's TV server will not work in your case because it does not support the Prime while using a cablecard. You will need a linux computer somewhere running a myth-backend server and then you will need a very specific build of xbmc-pvr that supports a mythtv backend which is here: http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid=110694

Last, you can do this but this is all very new at this point and has problems. First, you are limited to only non-copy protected channels, anything marked copy-once will be unwatchable/recordable. Second, mythtv commercial skip doesn't work as of yet in xbmc, trick play on livetv doesn't work either. Last, the code is still somewhat unstable and xbmc will crash on you. I use this setup everyday ( I have two Cetons instead of a Prime ) and it is usable but not for the faint of heart.
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Take a look at Twinther's XMLTV guide...It's under program addons. It's not a PVR so all you get is the guide data and the ability to associate the HDHomerun streams to the channels. I get the guide data from SchedulesDirect.
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