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oppo bd95 latest firmware  

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Just downloaded the latest firmware update to my BDP-95. My Meridian 568 prior to this update always read that it was receiving data at 88K and 96K from my HD621 on all types of discs. My HD621 is set to up sample. Now when I play a CD it reads 44K sometimes and other times the same disc will read 88K. SACD's are still read at 88K all the time. DVD audio discs are read at 48K sometimes and other times at 96K. Prior to the new firmware all was working well.

One of the issues Oppo says that the latest firmware addresses is the following:

"Resolved the audio decoding failure on the "Volume Sixteen" DTS Blu-ray Demo Disc (released CES 2012). Customers reported clips for "Tron" and "Lion King" were improperly decoded when HDMI was set to LPCM. This firmware upgrades the DTS SDK to correct changes in the encoding standards for these kind of soundtracks."

The fact that it did something to the HDMI output when set to LPCM caught my eye. Oppo says they are unaware of any such issues.

Any suggestions?
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