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Pioneer Vs BIC for Budget System (New Thread)

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Had another thread going, but it starting going off track and now probably isnt relavant. I just moved into a new house, and need to rebuild my "inexpensive" surround sound system. The room is 15'x15' with 9' ceilings and half of the back wall opens to the kitchen. There will be bookcases on either side of the TV (over the fireplace). Floor standing speakers are out. I will be using my existing F12 sub and Yamaha V765 Receiver.

I was originally considering this set up: BIC DV-62CLRS Center, BIC DV62si for fronts (will be sitting in custom bookcases), and BIC M-SR6 in the ceiling for the rears. However, I was then told about the Pioneer speakers BS41, BS21, C21.

I am just now totally confused and keep going back and forth as to which to get. I would like to stay under $400 for the 5 speakers. Would the new C22 from Pioneer rival the BIC DV62? Should I use the BS41's for the fronts in the bookcases, or go with the BS22's which people have said are better than the BS21's?

Anyone with experience on any of these speakers would be great as I dont have anyplace to compare them side by side in person.
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i have a pair of the bs-21s, but have barely even listened to them. i actually might be selling them cause i dont need them and they are basically brand new. anyway, the bs-41s are much better than the 21s. the 22s are improved over the 21s, but from what i have seen online, the 41s are still better than the 22s. imo
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The Pioneers are better than BIC. I owned the Acoustech line, which was more expensive, and the Pioneers were better overall.
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