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Kitchen Display

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I am going to slightly remodel my kitchen and want to put some technology in it. There will be a coax connection and possibly Ethernet.
I would like a display that gives me the opportunity to watch both Cable tv as well as surf the web for recipes (Wi-fi would be best, On this tv I will not mind a little loss in quality for streamed videos so Wi-Fi would be ok. I will run Ethernet if I have to) The screen would have to be at least 6 inches and preferable less than 19" Does anything like this exist? (tablet, lcd tv, other?) It is easy to find this in 32" tv's. Do you know of anything smaller?
Are there converters that I could use to make it happen.

I am open to under the counter units, wall mounted or "custom mounted" ideas.

All that to say I want to watch tv and look up recipes while in the kitchen. Maybe I am way off and this group has a better idea. If so I am all for it.

Thank you for your input.
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A friend and I were talking and he suggested getting a regular laptop with USB video capture card. Then I would just need to figure out how to mount it. So far that sounds like the a contender.
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Personally, I'd buy either a small TV or computer monitor with speakers and HDMI. You could then buy a Logitech Revue for around $80 that would give you access to Android and GoogleTV. You'd have a very robust web experience (better than any "internet ready TV") along with media with that setup.

Plus you get a wireless keyboard with the Logitech Revue which would be very nice in such a environment.

Edit: Quick search, a HDMI computer monitor with stereo speakers can be had from as low as $100 to $200. Add that with Logitech's Google TV box and you're under $300. That's a great deal for such a fun setup.

Edit again: Here's a whole bunch of 19-inch TV's.


And here's the Google TV box you would need.

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Thank you for that. I am still hoping for a solution that allows normal cable television also. Not sure the perfect system is out there. If it is, I know AVS can find it.
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Try to find a Samsung UN19D4000, it's a 2011 LED model that we like a lot in the kitchen, small and great picture. It has a really cool adjustment so that it fixes vertical off-angle problems, set it for standing, sitting, or low view. It's really cheap now online. Idiots at Samsung replaced it with a lesser unit at higher price for 2012, also not as nice looking. Good luck.

FYI, we have it connected to a DirectTV receiver and an AppleTV, we use it mostly to play music from iTunes though the AppleTV, and we use Pandora a lot to send music via Airplay from an iPad to the AppleTV then to the TV and sound system in the kitchen. It's a perfect monitor for these functions. Has cable and ATSC tuners for your needs as well.

You may want to consider this route: We have an iPad in the kitchen, it replaced a phone that was on the wall but now it can go anywhere. We use FreeSwitch on a mac mini to do many things as well as run all our phones (SIP only, we dumped all analog phones). We put the Bria phone app on the iPad which is great. Now we can use any bluetooth headset for the phone, and we use the iPad for everything else including recipes, web, even can stream video from DirecTV and other places. It's the most useful gadget we have in the kitchen and the wife loves it's simplicity. If you have the cash, there is an iPort wall charger that is magnetic that is great and charges inductively. We have never had the iPad run low on battery.

Finally, if you have TWC cable, there is an app for the iPad to watch TV. You may not need a TV......
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Originally Posted by ames12 View Post

Thank you for that. I am still hoping for a solution that allows normal cable television also. Not sure the perfect system is out there. If it is, I know AVS can find it.

I gave you a list of 19-inch HDTV's. They have both HDMI and cable jacks. I'm not sure what you're talking about as they get cable TV. All I'm saying is pair it with a Google TV box and you'll have the most robust internet TV experience out there.
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I think I misunderstood the Google box vs using Google. Thank you.
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Originally Posted by mgavsf View Post

Finally, if you have TWC cable, there is an app for the iPad to watch TV. You may not need a TV......
Great suggestion. I am a TWC customer. I do not have any apply products. Just looked at the App there were complaints about multi tasking. Do you have this app? Can I "watch" or listen to tv and pull up a webpage at the same time?
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We had the same issue with kitchen remodel/wiring. Although I thought it best to have an ethernet in the kitchen, by the time it came to put it in it turned out we didn't need it. We use an Apple Airport Extreme that has been so reliable it never needed to be touched since it went in 3 years ago. As I mentioned, the kitchen has a wireless (SPA962) wall phone and never had a problem. We added the iPad to take it's place and it's much better than the phone. Both never have call problems over the router. We originally bought the Samsung UN19D4000 to handle the AppleTV and DirecTV receiver since both require a monitor. But... we never use the TV to watch anything since it's in a fixed place. Now, with the iPad my wife uses it for calls and TV since it can move anywhere anytime, oh yeah.. and recipes. And.. something I did not plan for: Pandora, my wife loves having the Pandora app to send music via Airplay to the kitchen AppleTV which feeds the sound system. She hardly uses the DirecTV music stuff anymore since Pandora has so much more and a great iPad interface. Hope this all helps. I know how hard remodel decisions are.

We use DirecTV (the are DVRs WAY better) and just tested the app: I started a show (CNN), then went to Safari, then came back to the TV app and the show was paused right where it left off. I don't know about Comcast, theirs came along 1-2 years after DirecTV so it may take time to polish it up. We have 4 AppleTVs in the house so we can stream anything from our pics/movies/music/video servers (macs) anywhere. They also allow us to bring up any content of the 3 iPads so we can show anything including web pages on the TVs. The other bonus is that when friends come over most have iPhones so they can simply touch the Airplay icon to pop up their photos and movies on any of our TVs. The iPad are also phones, they work better as speaker phones than anything else. We are replacing our SPA962 phones one by one with iPads. And.... Facetime! Can talk and see my mom in Miami from here in CA for free anytime, even when cooking in the kitchen which has happened many times... So this one device provides a lot of functionality in the kitchen. There are other choices, but the iPad makes it all effortless which makes my wife actually use it a lot. And my 82 year old mom is not afraid of the iPad, a brother-in-law brought over a driod to show her.... fuggetaboutit, she wanted no part of it.

For anyone who is going to accuse my of being an Apple fanboy... I have been in computers for 30 years, I have every system here including multiple linux's/windoze and even OS/2 and mainframes, I have had them all and bore the expense of training employees. Once I let go of my mainframe/PC/techie mentality I realized the best stuff to use is what gets in the way the least. Moms and wives are great at showing what works best.

Sorry to trample on the original question about which TV to get. I just had a neighbor who paid a contractor a lot to setup a TV in the kitchen, then when they saw our kitchen iPad they regretted their decision so I thought to share our setup in case it helps others.
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