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Need help to do 3d gaming and movie watching

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here are my system specs to get that out of the way:
INtel core i-5 2500k
8gb ddr3@1800
auzentech meridian 7.1 soundcard
AMD 6950 2gb
Viewsonic pjd6221 projector @120hz
THX certified desktop speakers but going to use an older Sony reciever ( after some black friday sales to get some klipsch speakers)
I use this rig for gaming and watching blu-rays on my projector. I was using Anydvd HD for hdcp removal so I could use my projector but
the trial period ended and so I am trying to figure out what would be my best solution for doing 3d blu ray viewing. Blu-ray programs wont do 3d
with my projector becsause I dont have an nvidia gpu or that the projector doesnt have hdmi. SO here are my options as far as I can see:

1) I sell my old gpu to offset the costs of an nvidia 670 (might as well go big) and hdcp removal software. A 670 costs about $360 and the hdcp removal is about $60-80
(I would get a 1-year subscription and than later get the lifetime)

2)Sell my projector to offset the costs of getting an optoma gt750e game time projector. It runs for about 700-800

3)Buy an hdcp removal device that supports 3d output. A good one is about 400 but I have seen some as low as about 150-200.

4) viewsonics suggestion to use their 3d scaler box but I think its like optomas in that it only outputs through hdmi, though not a 100% certain

5)other option is to buy a lowerend/older nvidia gpu and place that in my second expansion slot
Also which bluray program would you also recommend as well?
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8gb ddr3 is short , 16 is nice and 32 is the good choice
i recently took a x79 mainboard that has pcie 3 port , i read it gives 20% more fps than pcie 2 using the same vga card
i own 2 hd5970 and a gtx570 [ 2x 16x and 1x 8x for the nv] , it is doing great crossfire and hybridphysx

for hdcp removal , may be you can spare money by converting your disq to a file on the hd and removing protections
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You could just rip the Blu-ray's to a 1080p half-SBS 3D MKV, then play them without all the special HDMI 1.4x or HDCP. That would save you tons of money, but involve slightly more of your time to rip the disk. All you'd need is the 3D HDTV/projector connected to your HTPC. That's how I currently use mine.. 3D movies are played in MediaBrowser (7MC) and gaming is done with the Nvidia Stereoscopic 3D setup and using my LG plasma active shutter glasses.
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