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New PJ Calc Version FINALLY Coming

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Edited (see POST here - http://www.avsforum.com/t/1429822/new-pj-calc-version-finally-coming#post_23239222)
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Originally Posted by coderguy View Post

I also posted this thread so it will MOTIVATE me to finish this next version a bit quicker.

Keep up the good work coderguy! Your current projector calculator is the best I've ever seen and the fact that your improving it and adding new features is awesome!
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That calculator is awesome! Thanks a lot!
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left < for screen gain and screen size don't seem to work.

left < for zoom works the same as > for zoom.

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Question coder. When using the calculator I put in my screen and it says like 2 feet from the bottom and 2 feet 11 inches from top of the screen.. Do I need to have this gap? I cannot put the frame of the fixedp rojector screen against the top of my ceiling ?
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@Brian B
It's an IE thing, use Firefox. I never fully added those IE fixes, in the next version probably.

You can change the values by changing the screen size and the position of the screen. The two yellow boxes on the form should be entered manually where it says "Enter Ceiling Height" and "Enter Screen Distance from Floor"
The program is asking you how high you want to place the screen above the floor and how high your ceiling is. The only reason it wouldn't let you do it relatively flush is if you were trying it with a DLP or something that doesn't have center-based lens shift.
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Ok now I see coder thanks. From what I was told with the RS46 at a 14 or 15 foot throw I can not be anymore then 17 inches higher then the screen or 17 inches below the screen with the front of the projector. So that being simply put If I am ceiling moiunting my projector if the top of the actual screen is real close to the top of my ceiling I would only have to use a drop down pole not that long at all.
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With the JVC models offering Lens Memories so we can zoom the 16:9 to 2.35:1 , is there a way in your Calculator to determine if , at a 16:9 throw distance , we have enough room to zoom to a Scope image ?
Does that make sense ?

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yeah, i think so , That calculator is awesome! Thanks a lot! thanks for your sharing. 91.jpg
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Hi coderguy,

Would it not be more future oriented to use HTML5 instead of flash?

Greetings from Brussels

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I haven't messed with the proprietary scripting additions from the HTML 5 model, because of this:
HTML5 is not yet an official standard, and no browsers have full HTML5 support. But all major browsers (Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer) continue to add new HTML5 features to their latest versions.

That right there shows it is going down the same old path of "this browser does it this way, that browser does it that way". The only way to ensure these update issues don't recur for sure is to use Flash, because Flash is made by one company and will adhere to the same general standards. Even if HTML 5 were the most well defined standard in history, some browsers would always pick and choose certain ways to interpret that standard, so there really is no standard even when there is one. That is why the only to get a standard is to use a single product made by a single company (like Flash).

I haven't decided yet if I will rewrite part of the UI in Flash, it's a pain for sure.
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Originally Posted by holmern View Post

That calculator is awesome! Thanks a lot!
+1 to that! Thanks for the work you've put into this. You should stick a PayPal "donate" button somewhere on the site. I'm sure many would be happy to send a few bucks to at least offset the cost of bandwidth/domain registration/etc.

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I have an update (been a LONG time). I did not abandon the idea of rewriting the calculator, but instead I experimented with various development environments for the next GEN projector calculator version. I am now writing the next version in a full blown game engine with a 3D aspect and an avatar.

Although it might seem like this would be an insurmountable project, I've experimented with the engine enough to see that it's not too bad. A web version will remain and get some updates here and there, but there will be no browser, the engine will launch as a 3D simulator in a .EXE.

Sim Theater Prototype (vp1)
See a 3D rendered view of your room to its real dimensions and walk around that room with an avatar
Create the avatar to your real height.
Walk under the projector beam or through it and see if placement will be a problem
Advanced and Realistic Lighting Physics and effects using a DX11 engine
The screen will be rendered in 3D dimensions on a wall to its real dimensions within the room
Realistic dimensional lighting (projector beam will actually shoot with dimensional lighting where it would in real life)
Furniture Simulator - Drop various furniture models in the room, add stairs, etc...
Seating Simulator - Add seating and drop multiple Avatars into the room to simulate the viewing experience of the room
Screen Gain Light Simulator - Adjust gain in real time and the simulation will show you (estimated) actual differences you would see in a real PJ room
Retro-Gain and Viewing Angle Screen Simulator - See the uneven gain and lighting effects of an HP like screen on various screens
Contrast Simulator - Watch your contrast increase/decrease when changing wall and room parameters
Ambient Light Simulator - Contrast simulator by reducing contrast as you add ambient light sources
Speaker Placement Simulator - Drop speakers in room
Lens Memory / CIH Simulator - See the affects of lens shift for 16:9 to 2.35 in real-time
All the features from the web version, plus more accurate formulas (no browser bugs to cause formulation errors)
Placement of projector now supports all 3D coordinates (XYZ)
Zoom Simulator - Zoom the image under or over the screen
Lens Shift Simulator - Control the lens shift of the projector in real time and watch it move
Mounting Simulator - Adjust the mount in real-time
Create basic color pallets in the room (change wall colors)
Carpet Simulator - Add various carpet types
Window and Curtains Simulator - Add various curtains and window treatments to the room
Material Simulator - Cover the walls with various materials
Media Player - For Fun and Simulation Only - Watch any videos in your Simulated HT room from local media files on the screen
3D Glasses Simulator - See the apparent light drop by giving your AVATAR 3D Glasses

It has a ways to go, but I'm working on it.

If anyone has any feature suggestions for SIM PROJECTOR CALCULATOR, now is the time to speak up...

Estimated Release Date:
Not Set, but ASAP
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I'll tip my hat to you sir if you can pull all that off, will be amazing smile.gif
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I have designed a very early prototype with an avatar walking around the room and a projector shining on a screen. I will post screenshots when I get it to the point I am comfortable showing it a little (not yet, it looks too "wire-meshy" right now).

This isn't going to make a me a ton of money (maybe a little), but it will be really cool smile.gif

I will complete it eventually, god willing shortly unless I get too busy at work which in that case could take 2 years instead of 6-12 months, but eventually I will have something. Plus I am going to sell professional licenses to HT installers, but enthusiast licenses will be very low-cost (less than a video game). There will be a free trial (60 day) license for sub-$1000 projectors that will NOT include the room design components but only allow a generic rectangular or square room.

Keep in mind the web version is also going to be VASTLY improved and will REMAIN free but have a "SIMULATE" button on it which will launch the simulation, though I have re-designed the web version as well with a simpler GUI for newer folks (took a lot of the technical jargon and moved it to "advanced tabs"). I am doing a bunch of stuff at the same time, so yah I know I'm slow (I'm in no hurry, I just want to make the best product possible).

A few "select" AVS members will be helping me test a pre-alpha prototype in about 3-6 months.

That is the plan, for now...
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Wish you luck with the project Coder! Really like the current calc, and I'm sure the new one will be even better.
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Thanks for the comments, I am taking this project very seriously (like a 2nd job), I just found some 3D artists (on contract) to help me with some of the more advanced models that will be needed. Luckily a lot of the 3D models I have a source for that were pre-designed in the modeling reseller sites that sell to games and virtual modeling apps. So we'll see how it goes.

Others comments are always welcome... Hopefully I'll have some screenshots posted not too long from now, but it will be a while (slow project, BIG BIG project).
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This is pretty amazing work and extremely helpful to someone who is just getting into the projector world.
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Thanks, I don't know how detailed I can make the graphics on the first 3D version (some objects might be a bit rough at first due to time constraints), but the overall simulation will work good and it will improve over the years in my spare time.
I'm doing it partly to learn a new DEV engine, as I have to use it for work as well. So I can even (in a few rare cases) spend some time on this during my regular working life, due to learning.

Also, you might want to check out this thread = http://www.avsforum.com/t/1471160/first-look-web-calculator-0-25

I am wrapping up the changes to the WEB CALCULATOR, which will go with this product and also help new people immensely.
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