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Group buy for Epson 5020?

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Any chance of a group buy for the Epson 5020? Jason?

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Epson sets the price, that all dealers are supposed to use for selling Epson HT projectors. Means the price should be the same everywhere. So you should buy from the company that you want to support. Hopefully the company that is around to answer your questions and provide good customer support. smile.gif
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That is correct I recomend the local dealer unless you don't have one.
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I would go for a group buy in the next 2 weeks. mike garrett from avs is likely to be my guy, if only because he is very responsive and because AVS sponsors this forum.


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There will be no group buys with regard to Epson. Epson sets the price, comes out with the specials, free bulbs, immediate cash back. Everyone follows suit selling at the lowest price Epson will allow. The profit margin arte low on this thing. Support a dealer like AV Science if buying by internet or phone order or buy it from you local dealer if he is supplying your support. Epson provides local dealers with the 6000 series. Those can't be sold by mail. Epson won't allow it.
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I bought my 5020 from programmergeek locally and what a pleasure it was to deal with him. I also got a chance to look at his personal theater at his house.
One word .... wow! Thank you Jason for the opportunity. I assure you that you have a customer for life.
If anyone is in NJ and looking to get a projector, I would recommend hands down. I believe in supporting local dealers and appreciate the support and the personalized service they provide.
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Where exactly in New Jersey? I am from NJ and I am in market for 5020. Thanks.
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You can PM Programmergeek to get his contact info. I am very satisfied with my transaction with him so far.
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Is anyone in the market for an Epson (3020/5020/6020) AND in the Bay Area, CA? PM/text me. We have a "show-off" session tomorrow morning with an Epson 6020 & SI Black Diamond Zero Edge for the Black Friday. smile.gif Come check it out first hand before you make your decision.

I've been watching sports (soccer), cartoon (Ice age, finding nemo), 3d (I, robot) etc... for the about 35 hours. Super! smile.gif


(510) 305-9411
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