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Cheap 2 or 3 channel setup?

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I currently have nothing but a TV for sound. I'd like to very cheaply get better sound for music, movies, and video games (especially Rock Band!, which is basically music). I have only a PS3 hooked up to my TV, which does everything, so I'd likely just use the output from the back of my TV.

What I am not looking for is extreme volume or lots of bass. In fact, I'd like to go without a subwoofer entirely. I live in an apartment and my downstairs neighbors are crazy. rolleyes.gif

What I do especially want is clear dialogue for movies. It kills me when the other channels drown out the dialogue.

So I am looking at two different options, 2 channel without a receiver using my TV for the center (just using a cheap mini amplifier) or a cheap receiver with the addition of a center speaker. Unless there's some way to get left, right, and center out of an inexpensive amp.

To me, the 2 channel is appealing if I can get still get decent dialogue since it's cheaper and simpler. But then having a receiver able to parse out a center channel or fake one with a dedicated speaker sounds like it will be the better choice, sound-wise.

I'm curious if you have any better solutions or recommendations than my crazy concoction!

DV62si Bookshelf: $110

LP-2020A+ Mini Amp: $20

DV-32CLR Center: $40
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I think you should shoot for an inexpensive receiver from Craigslist or goodwill etc... Harder to find but will open up the option for a center channel and optical in from your ps3. You can make it dual output hdmi and optical. Speaker selection looks good
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look for open box stuff at all the big stores like HHgregg and Circuit city you can find incredible buys pretty cheap.
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Thanks for the feedback!

So it sounds like you both feel a center speaker would be worthwhile. Is there any specific model that I should look for used or even new that's a good value?
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