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Hi everybody,

I have a freshly built HTPC in a HD-plex H3-SODD case, running norwegian W7 64-bit home premium with XBMC. The HD-plex supplied IR-remote (MCE compatible) has been working flawlessly, however yesterday I encountered some problems. I installed the XBMC launcher to change function of the "green button" to launch XBMC insted of WMC. When pressing the newly reconfigured button, I get an error message saying my command is wrong. The RUN prompt (WIN+R) is open, with "┬Ęc0'" in front of the command supposed to run, e.g. c0'C:/example.exe. I'v tried to assign commands to the button with other methods as well, using the HD-plex remote configuration utility and the MCE-remote app in XBMC, all with the same result.

Does anyone have a clue what the problem might be?

Best regards,