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Barco Data 808 "Failure short circuit on I2C bus"

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This is my (well, my PJ's) problem, and I would LOVE to come up with a solution.
When i start it up all it says is this:

Sorry for the upside down image.

Well, anyone any ideas where to start?
I want my fantastic PJ back.

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You have a short on a board on the data communication line between the controller board and the rest of the set. Pull the convergence board out from under the tubes and see if the problem goes away. If not, you could have a bad:

-controller board
-H shift board
-V board
-RGB switcher board
-quad decoder board

Without swapping boards (if it's not the convergence b0ard), there's no way to tell which one it is. Fortunately, I'm clearing out working and tested Barco 800 boards for $10 each. THe convergence board is $75 plus shipping.
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Glad to hear.
That makes me hopeful!

Is there a walkthrough anywhere here on the internet that shows how it is done and/or where these boards are located?
I am not an CRT-projector expert but I want it fixed soo bad.

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Yes, my website:

www.curtpalme.com. The info on the 800 is in the tech tips/FAQ section.
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That helped me alot!

So, it is unfortunately not the convergece board.

Are all the other boards different from each other or can i buy one board from you and swap around and see wich one it is, or do they differ so i better buy all five of them and start swapping?
(I live in Sweden so the shipping will probably be the big expence)

Thanks once again and it feels like I'm getting closer to a solution.
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Or... Is it possible to start the PJ up without some of the boards connected?

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Unfortunately not. Any other board out of the set will kill the picture, so you can't see the error code. THe data lines run to each of the boards listed, so there's no way of telling which one it is.
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Shipping boards isn't too expensive. Complete PJ's with lenses is a different story.
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Curt, I want all those five boards then.

I live in Sweden, as I mentioned earlier. What will the total cost be incl. shipping?
Can I pay through paypal? I get paid tomorrow so I can pay for you to ship it all then. smile.gif

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email me at curtpalme at shaw.ca. I have one day left to ship before I head out of town for 3 weeks...
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I'm a bit further on my path towards a solution.

After the first board I swithed it seemed to work... But, still an error message.

So, I have now switched all five boards and it looks like this now:


My guess is the convergence board... ?

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Hey, what idiot took almost 2 months to get you parts? smile.gif (sorry, I was really backed up, more or less back to normal now)

Here's the error code list:


It's IC42, which controls vertical bow and skew. Now, sometimes the error codes won't quite match up depending on the chipset vs software. Sometimes a set's controller board is looking for an H lin sub board that was an option with the Barcos, and everything will work fine save for that adjustment.

For now, run through a full setup and see what adjustments don't work. Email me or post back here.


Oh, also, it would be a good idea to find out which one of your old boards had the I2C issue., Get rid of it since it's bad, and save all the other parts for future use.
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No worries!

Have been busy myself lately, birth of Jebus and all.

So, I went through the setup today and this is what came up:

Error codes:
All I2C error on addr.:

It was the bow and skew both horizontal and vertical I think. Hmm didn't really document that as good as I should have maybe.

Anyways. Then it was the convergence. The full raster was fully movable, but NONE of the small convergence zones (squares) were moveable on any color. So I got ALL the error codes there.

Have you looked at the video I posted a link to in my earlier reply? The vimeo one? It goes through alot of error codes really quick. If that can be at any help.

Oh, and my remote seens to have given up. The red led is flashing, but the IR led seems dead. Tried with 3 different kind of batterys, the latest an expensive lithium battery. :/

Oh, and it was the H shift/focus board that had the faulty I2C to start with, but then I replaced all of them when I got new errors.

Cheers, Simon
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Can you post a picture of convergence tray?
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For remote control: you must to know the address of projector and set this number in remote control.
Usually the address is "0" (zero), you can view address number in "identification" menu (barco logo).

With a pencil, press the recessed button below "adj" button, then press number of address.
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It looks like all your error codes are convergence driver board related. The problem with Barco was, there were several versions of driver boards, and even though the 762XXX part numbers are the same, the layout changed slightly. But.. I didn't send you a convergence driver board, did I? To make sure it's driver board related, I'd put all your original boards in the set save for the H shift one that caused the I2R short message originally. See if that clears it up. If not, you may need to send me your convergence driver board for repair.
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Nuh, it doesn't clear it.

As i wrote earlier the H shift one was the first one i replaced, and I thought it was all good since I didn't get the same error msg at startup.

But I continued to get new error codes, and they didn't clear up even when I swithced all of those boards. frown.gif

And no, I did not order a convergence board. smile.giffrown.gif :P
So, how much will the reparation cost of the convergence driver board be? Is it that wide one under the tubes? Do you think it would be cheaper just to get one from you since the shipping is a big cost between Canadia and Swedenland!?

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I only need the small board out of that tray under the lenses. THe one without the heat sinks.

AS I said, there's a number of different versions of hte board, all with the same part number. I need yours to make sure that you get the right one back, even if I can't repair yours. Figure on $200 to repair incl return shipping. THey are not easy boards to fix.
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You said earlier that you had the convergence board for 75 USD. Is that deal still on, won't it be cheaper for me to just buy one if so?

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There are a number of different versions of convergence driver boards, the output boards are all the same. Not sure if I have your version, which is why I need to see yours, and it's better to repair it to keep that part of the set identical.
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