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Help with Speaker Placement - Detailed PDF of room specs attached

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speakerlayout.pdf 40k .pdf file

Hi all -

Hope the attached pdf will allow those with experience and expertise to provide some input... because I'm a bit baffled.

We're planning a full renovation of our family room / kitchen space... and I'm trying to take into account how I want to set up my speakers in the space. Because the walls are coming down, and the ceiling too... I get a great shot of being able to have it exactly as I want it... if I could just figure that out. :-)

I'm starting all over with new speakers... but as much as I've been looking / listening, I figure that it makes the most sense to figure out the set up and then find the speakers necessary to make that work.

On the attached pdf I marked potential spots for the main speakers. I didn't mark for a center, but it will be wall hung directly over the TV. No issue there.

The right side seems like it should work too. The sub tucked into the corner beneath the right front which will be wall hung or ceiling hung, depending on what will work best .. the right surround has as wall spot on that right wall which seems like it should suffice.

The issue is the left.

As you will see in the drawing, I don't really have a good spot for the left front until I get all the way across the room... about 25' from the right speaker. And certainly there is a huge gap between left front and center, as opposed to the much smaller gap on the right side.

As for the left surround? Baffled. There isn't wall space on the far left wall, because of cabinetry.

I put it in a location where there might be a support column coming down from the ceiling to our kitchen island. I could hang it from the column, or from the ceiling but tucked behind the column.

This would be a very asymmetrical set up... which scares me. Another option would be to hang the left and right speakers directly on the wall to the left and the right of the TV (which, by the way, I could easily do) ... but I feel like that would really limit the scope of the sound.

Plus, on the left of the TV is the fireplace, which juts out. If the left front is tucked near that, it will pretty much kill sound for the left side of the space... I would think?

Other info not on the drawing is that the ceiling are 8'... and the flooring will be hardwood, with perhaps an area rug beneath the seating area.

Sorry to be so long winded, but I figured more information would be helpful.

I really appreciate any who've read all this, and thank you in advance for any help!

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As most of the seating is to the right of the FP, put the left speaker there. If you have to put the L/R mains in corners @ the right wall and FP, then mount them on 45* angles to reduce the first early reflection.
The only other choice to be symmetrical to the seating is to use in-ceiling speakers. Although that is never really a good option for LCRs.
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My fear with the left speaker tight to the fireplace is that it will substantially reduce the full sound for the whole room. I'd like to avoid that... But I guess that's why this is baffling me.
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