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Optoma HD66 Failing DLP chip

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I've had my Optoma HD66 for about a year and a half now and really enjoyed it until three weeks ago when I noticed 2 white specks on the image. Two days later there were four, and I became dismayed after searching online and figuring out that these are "stuck mirrors," a.k.a. the dreaded DLP dance of death. Now they're up to 8 white specks (and a couple dark ones), and I give myself 4 or 5 more movies before it becomes unwatchable.

Further research showed that I seem to have gotten one of the 10% or so of these Optoma projectors that have this problem (amazingly, almost all of the users had the same timeline, noticing the DLP failure just after their 1-year warranty had run out).

My question for more experienced folk than myself is do all DLP projectors have this risk attached? I can't find much about it on the "expert" sights. When discussing the downside of DLP technology nobody even mentions the potential failure of the DLP chip. Did I just get really unlucky?

So I'm now in the market for another projector but am really leery of a) Optoma and b) DLP technology in general. I'm strongly considering going LCD. I also am reluctant to spend another $600-700, less than 2 years after dropping that much for what I thought would be a 5-7 year investment.

Can anyone give suggestions on a decent, low-end and above all RELIABLE projector? I watch a lot of movies but am by no means a visual connoisseur. I can be convinced to go DLP again I suppose, but would really like to know more about this chip-death phenomenon.

I appreciate in advance any help.
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Unfortunately I can only share the frustration. My HD66 of less than 2 years now has its first spot with less 1000 hours on the original bulb. I'm not sure if there was a bad batch of DLP chips or just bad luck. It does kind of make me think twice about going with DLP again, I certainly wouldn't want to spend money on a more expensive DLP and have stuck mirrors.

In the end I'll probably break down and buy another one or a similar brand - I enjoy the big screen experience too much and there aren't many 3D options in this price range.
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Same problem here. Bought this "projector" in March of 2011. Saw my first dead pixel in August 2012. Within a month it was unwatchable. Have been using my old Viewsonic Pro8100. Luckily I hadn't sold it. Forgot how good 1080p looks. I'm going to wait for the Epson 3020 or 5020. Don't trust Optoma nor DLP at this point. Before this projector I had the Viewsonic and a Panasonic AE700. Both LCD with no dead pixels.

Oh, and I only put 376 hours on the bulb. Unacceptable. I would recommend that everyone steer clear of Optoma.
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