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"The L.A. Complex" on CW

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Since there is no thread for this I thought I would start one as I have been watching from the beginning. Though targeted at the usual younger CW market this show is surprisingly honest about the entertainment industry. It also co-starts Jewel Staite ("Firefly", "Serenity'). A show like this shouldn't be too hard to do as industry people should have tons of tales about the hard knocks of the industry but generally the industry prefers the "Horatio Alger" rise to fame stories probably because Los Angeles needs more waiters and bar tenders. biggrin.gif
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Martin Gero (of Stargate Atlantis) is behind it, so that helps. It's sort of like the 2009 Melrose Place, except with semi-likeable characters and stories. rolleyes.gif It was kind of funny the way Chelan Simmons got replaced with Dayle McLeod in season 2. Perhaps MuchMusic thought her storyline would be too offensive for the CW, so they axed her arc for something more palatable to an American audience to keep the show airing in the US.
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I don't know why when "Heroes" on NBC had the Ali Larter character running an online porn site. What I like about the shows writing is the storylines take a twist you don't expect and when things are really harsh some "heart" is also displayed. "Entourage" was about a successful star and delved little into the struggles of those trying to gain entry. HBO's "Unscripted" did a fair job of the latter though.
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I found this show in reruns and caught most of the first season. I can't be too kind as I find all of the characters to be caricatures. Their story arcs appear to exist only to tell a story rather than experience their life/adventures/whatnot. At times it feels like they are puppets being controlled by the script. Such as the entire show comes across as an opening recap of previous shows. Also, the storyline appears as simplistically driven from one arc to another. I can't think of one character that has any real depth to them. At least actually played out within the storyline.


Not to say there isn't any redeeming value. Like Revenge if you enjoy having your story spoon fed with zero character investment it's great. :)

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That's why it's summer filler. It's a little mindless entertainment to tide you over until the good shows come back.
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Given its ratings, I can't understand why it's still on the air. I don't MIND it's still on the schedule as I ignore it, but by the numbers, it looks like a loss leader.biggrin.gif
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Season two winds up next Monday with two more back to back episodes. The is a summer series which went on hiatus for about a month then came back as "season 2". As to why it was renewed for another 12 episode season it's a Canadian series and got good ratings there:

Sure it's not HBO but fairly good and I didn't care much for other CW series I find too juvenile or light. About the only other CW series I'm a fan of is "Supernatural" because it is very creative and I shows about the occult. I've been in the entertainment industry all my life with music and video game development and some television. If it isn't popular in the US it's probably because the target audience wants Horatio Alger rags-to-riches fame stories not the reality that the entertainment business is tough.
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I was kind of disappointed in the last 4 episodes. It's like the Canadians are used to shorter seasons and had a tough time with more episodes which might have been ordered by CW. The CW didn't mention a comeback though it has been renewed in Canada.
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