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Equipment decisions. What would you get/do?

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Hello all,
I was hoping you guys could help us decide on some HT equipment. We have a dedicated room being built right now. The sheetrock is scheduled to be put in a few weeks, so I currently have access behind. The room is 17'x15' with 10' ceilings. The room has no windows and will be painted(walls/ceiling) dark blue.

1) Speakers (~$2000)
- Triad Bronze Inwall LCR
- Definitive Technology UIW RLS III

- Triad Bronze Surround
- Definitive Technology UIW RSS II
- Definitive Technology UIW RCS III
- Definitive Technology UIW RSS III
- other Def Techs...
- Niles FX770

2) Subwoofer (~$800)
- Outlaw LFM-1 EX

3) Receiver (~$1000)
- Denon 3312
- Denon 4411
- Pioneer Elite

Here are some SketchUps of the room.


I've done alot of reading recently and feel that we should look for speakers with enclosures. The Triad speakers are rated at 4 ohms and I'd like to avoid separates for cost reasons. I've read many post that a non 4 ohm rated reciever(3312) will be fine pushing the Triads. Should we look at 5.1 or 7.1?

What would you do? Overall comments? Are there other brands that we should consider? Budget is somewhat flexible.

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I would go 5.1 in your small room - do not put surround speakers "in front" of the listener - at 90 degrees (off the shoulder) or behind the shoulder for the two surrounds. Triads are excellent speakers, but do get a receiver rated for 4 ohms.

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