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Help needed to set up a Home Theater System to play 5.1 from .MKV files via HDD/USB

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Good day all,

I'm currently in process of setting up a budget Home Theater System to compliment my new Samsung ES6800 LED TV.

What Im trying to achieve is playing .mkv Blurays from my External HDD/USB that can output 5.1 Surround Sound.

I know that if I connect my HDD/USB directly to my TV then the output is only 2.1 via optical cable to my current LG HiTB.

The system that Im planning to setup is:

1) Denon AVR-1312 Reciever
2) Lord 5.1 Surround Sound Speakers
3) Samsung BD-E5300 Blu Ray Player.

I believe that I can get 5.1 Surround Sound by connecting my HDD/USB to the Blu Ray Player which is then connected to the Denon reciever (via HDMI).

My question is can this set up get me 5.1 Surround Sound? and will it not reduce the sound to 2.1 like it happens when I connect my HDD/USB directly to the TV?

Furthermore, any opinions on how the listed reciever & blu ray player stack up against other options. Can this BluRay player play all .mkv files?

Im no audiophile, just looking for a decent budget setup.

Appreciate your help. Thanks.
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i think u will get it ....no diff if its usb...i thik panasonic BDP 220 or higher will be a better player...but u set audio out to bit stram and connect to receiver via HDMI.
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TVs specifically downscale audio to 2 channel via optical out except for OTA signals. Why they do this IDK maybe political to encourage hardware manufactures to implement ARC or to discourage the use of toslink? Either way it really is only the TVs that do this. That BD player should be fine if connected via HDMI.

Another question... Why are you using those particular speakers? Do you already own them or is this a new purchase?

The receiver is pretty bare bones and will be similar to all others in that same price range. I am a Denon fan as well, and for $189 you can get a 1612 with Audyssey MultEQ, Dynamic EQ, and Dynamic Volume
Front panel USB port for connected iPod, iPhone, etc. (not for playing video)
HDMI-CEC (allows for control connection between TV and AVR, standby passthrough, and ARC / audio return channel)
Dolby PLIIz (if you expand to 7.1, the extra two speakers can be "height" speakers instead of "surround back")
A superior remote control which can be programmed to control other devices (using preset codes), and has dedicated [Movie], [Music], [Game], and [Direct] buttons for controlling surround modes

That is what I would do/did
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Thanks for the input guys.

I'm going for this setup because I live in Dubai, U.A.E and electronics are ridiculously over-priced here. I am getting a good offer on Denon AVR-1312 + Pure Acoustics 5.1 speakers.

Another question I have is that I will either get the LG BP-220 or Samsung BD-E5300 Bluray Player, however, these don't support DTS-HD audio, on the other hand, the Denon AVR-1312 Receiver does support DTS-HD. So, if I intend to play MKV files with DTS-HD audio through USB/HDD via a LG BP-220 or Samsung BD-E5300 Bluray Player, will I actually get Lossless DTS-HD audio? or will the audio get reduced to lossly DTS as the players don't support DTS-HD?

Appreciatey your help on this guys.
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yesterday i bought

1) Denon AVR-1312 Reciever
2) Lord 5.1 Surround Sound Speakers

Query 1

Ist Connection

My tv is Samsung LED 40'' 5000 series.This tv have only one Audio out which is an phono jack ( single pin - used by headphones)

I have a phono Jack to RCA converter, which i can plug into any one Denon Audio input for eg DVD from my tv .

The reason why i use this is, i need to play movies from usb connected to tv.

2nd connection

i have an etisalat(dish tv) reciever connected to Denon using HDMI and HDMI our from Denon to TV.

My questions is how i will play music from USB connected to TV through Denon -Pure acoustics. any seetings change in Denon?which mode of audion shud be selected in denon etc.

Any help will be highly appreciated


Vyshak Anand
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It seems like using the Phone to RCA cable is your only option at the moment. Once you get a Bluray player you should be able to use only HDMI which will allow you to have surround sound. Currently you are only getting 2 channel which is fine for music but will be disappointing for movies.

You can use what ever audio input is analog and make sure that input is selected. As for audio modes... whatever sounds best to you
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I have connected the audio through an rca cable and inserted to L side of amplifier. Any ways to improve the sound quality?

i would like to know if there is any standard db values for each of the speakers?

i set the amplifier channel as +12db front speakers -3 each,central speaker 0 db and rear speakers +1.5

If there is any standard values for this please let me know
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There is no way to improve the sound quality or any reason to believe that it is of poor quality. It won't be true 5.1 until you improve your source but the virtual surround programs (Neo 6, Dolby Prologic 2) are pretty darn good and RCA is a very capable method of carrying stereo audio.

As for the db levels, no I don't think standard values would work if they did exist. because no one else has your speakers in your room just keep playing with it until it sounds good. Since all the speakers are identical or near to it if they are similar distances away from the seating position they should be set to similar db levels. You seem to have a popular setting right now, The center a little louder and the rears a little louder to really hear the surrounds.
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Hey, I have a bd e5300 Samsung blu-ray. When I connect it to my TV it just gets the sound out of the TV speakers which is very poor for blu-ray movies...I want to connect the blu-ray(or the TV) to a surround system(already connected to a SONY DVD player) but the blu-ray has only 1 usb, 1 2.0 audio and LAN exits...so I don't know how to do that..Do I have to buy a new surround system? Or is there a way to take the sound through the TV from the SONY(without the image)?
Please anyone is there any way to boost my sound using the blu-ray?
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