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Loud Subwoofer Hum

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I am getting a lound hum when I turn on my sub. It is only connected to power. I disconnected the input from the receiver. I have also tried it in different rooms. It was literally working fine one day then next day when it was turned on bang.. Humming started. Any Ideas. It is pretty old (at least 10) and used everyday. Amp bad ? Thanks !
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I would guess a bad amp.
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One of my subwoofers did that after two years; another after eight years. I replaced the amp on the eight-year-old with a PE 500w BASH amp.

If you are not up for repairing/replacing the amp: In the under $300 range, individuals in this forum like the BIC PL-200; in the under $400 range, they like the Hsu STF-2.
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My very old sub started doing that about 2-3 years ago. It was indeed an amp gone bad, so I sent it in for repair. It worked great for awhile, but about a week ago it started doing it again. I'm taking it as a divine impetus to upgrade.
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There is one thing you can try that worked for me. Unplug the unit. Turn the volume knob all the way down, then all the way up. Repeat 5 or 10 times, and set back to the regular volume. Power back on and see if it is sitll making noise.
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Try a "third prong" eliminators if your power cord has 3 prongs.
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