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I got mine from Wal-Mart , because the best price was at Tiger Direct but with
the extended warranty I saved close to 60 bucks and no freight. After installing
I found out Dish would not send a HDMI signal without an HDMI cord so I
bought a HDMI to VGA converter for around $ 8. Hooked to projector using VGA
in, and now have 1080 P for a lot less then buying one with an HDMI output. I
was able to put my security cameras on a Component input and can switch the
VGA cable with an old style switcher plugged up in reverse to use my computer
& wireless mouse / keyboard on my 6' screen, I have 2 Hoppers & 2 more Joeys
hooked up and thrilled with the quality of the picture , I have to run it in economy
mode, as it's to bright otherwise ! I kept the old Screen from a Sony (floor) front
projection TV that died after 20 years.