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RCA RCRP05B and MC7 ?

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Does the RCA RCRP05B remote have the code for WMC7?

What is the difference between the RCRP05B & RCRP05BR?
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I did a little digging and found that these are all the MCE (RC6-6-32 dev.sub 229.128 no toggle bit) codes in the RCA: AUD 1785, CBL 1272, 2178, TV 1265, 1525, 1863 and DVD 1972, 2083. I think 1972 is the code you want. I'll test them later and update this post with the results. What IR receiver are you using? Some respond to slightly different codes (there are 8 possibilities). If you can tell me exactly what profile you use in your harmony, I can analyze the signals and find an exact match in the RCA.

There is no difference in those 2 models except the cardboard in the package has a red background in the "R" model. The One-for-all OARP05S is also identical except it's silver instead of black.

UDATE: Turns out my Adesso MCE dongle doesn't use standard MCE (uses CBL 2298 which is OrtekMCE protocol), so I can't test it. But I can still look for a code that matches your harmony whenever you can post that info.
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It looks like I have two similar threads going, this one & the HTPC forum one. They started differently & I apologize for any confusion.

The IR receiver is from the Rosewill RRC-126 WMC remote, which is a green button remote.
I am not using the Harmony to control the HTPC. But how would I know which profile the Harmony uses?

I was out shopping & the store had both the RCRP05B (Blue & White label, copyright 2009) and the RCRP05BR (Red & White label, copyright 2010). The strange thing is the 2009 label had a few more devices listed on it than the 2010. And the 2009 appeared to match the 2010 listed devices for the RCA 3 device & 6 device remotes. Not a big difference but I would think the newer would have more than the older one, and that all the 2010 labels would list the same devices.

I noticed the 6 device RCA RCRN06GR has a Sleep button & a Red record button, which might be nice. I looked at the JP1 List in your signature but the RCRN06GR is not listed. Either it's a newer model or it's not a JP1 remote. Is it one I should consider?

They also had a One For All 0ARN04S and OAR106G. There are a lot of OFA remotes listed in the JP1 list but nothing looked similar to either of these. Would you happen know if these should be considered?
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Yes, the 106 is (actually JP2) and it works with our software and JP1.3 cables. I had one and gave it to our main developer. I intend to add it to the list soon. There is also a version of it that controls a PS3 via Bluetooth. Although it looks great, I personally found it too awkward for everyday use. But others seem to like it.

I don't know about the 04. You could ask in the JP1 forum.

If you're looking for something really simple, many cable remotes like the Atlas or Comcast flycaster asked about below are JP1 and are very cheap on eBay. Some are backlit. I have just about every JP1 remote imaginable. If there's one model in particular you can't find, I probably have it. So just PM if you are interested. I like the old radio shack 15-13x series and have a ton of them as well as Comcast and atlases.
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I'll pickup the RCRP05BR for $7.99.
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Sounds good. When you get it, the best place for discussion is the JP1 forum where all the other experts hang out. So if you have any trouble, start a new thread there. If you are missing some commands we can give you codes for all of them once we find a partially working code.

FWIW, I did a little more digging and found that UEI confirmed a few years ago that none of the following have JP1 pins:

OARN03S 3 Device Remote
OARN04S 4 Device Remote
OARN05G 5 Device Remote
OARN08G 8 Device Remote
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I've been reading some threads on the JP1 forum in order to get familiar with the topic. Since it appears the RCRP05BR can be tweaked a lot before doing any JP1 changes I'd like to see how far I get before using JP1.
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