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Recommendation on Amp Brands

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I was big into car audio around the early 1990's when Pioneer, Precision Power, Boston Acoustics, MB Quart & JL Audio were big names in the industry. I've followed Head units, component speakers and subs somewhat over the years, but I have not kept up with amplifiers at all.

I'm looking to score some deals on ebay to piece together a decent system and would like some advice on brands to look out for. First purchase would be a sub and amp to power it. The sub will likely be a single JL 10W3 (V2 or V3). I'm interested in sound quality, not boom.

I'm hoping I may find a steal on something a generation or two old. Any recommendation / advice is appreciated.
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Boston acoustics are getting out of car audio. You can find close outs and refurbs of their amps cheap.

Partsexpress.com has a closeout on Aura amps that are solid performers.

I usually use raw drivers from Madisound and partsexpress to get the best sound and usually much better performance than car audio brands.No reason to pay a premium for either the same driver rebadged or lesser performance with a car audio brand.

There are a lot of amplifiers that share the same boards. You of course pay more for the more popular brand.

You didn't say a budget or what speaker sizes you need.
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Thanks for the info! I'll take a look at partsexpress.com.

I already purchased a sub. I went with a new Pioneer 10" TS-W259D4. After reading reviews, I felt a better value for ~$50 was this sub new over a JL 10W3 used.

As to budget for an amp, I'm hoping for an ebay steal. I see lots of amps up for auction with no reserve. I plan to watch a bunch of them and hope to get a deal on one. Ideally I'd like to spend $50 or less for a good quality amp with plenty of power for the TS-W259D4. I believe that's in the 300W range.

I'd be open for a multi-channel amp as well for future expansion.
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