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VIERA remote

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I having an issue that I'm hoping that somebody can shed some light on.

I have a new (2012) Panasonic VIERA TC-P55GT50 plasma display. I recently downloaded the VIERA remote app (v2.02) from the iTunes App Store and installed it on my (new - incarnation 3) iPad.

It works reasonably well, it found the TV and set itself up, and controls work, if a little slowly.

An area that I cannot seem to make work is the Search field in the YouTube interface accessed via the VIERA TOOLS screen.

The help file claims that: "The keyboard Function is activated automatically when the text input panel is displayed on your VIERA TV screen."

( The VIERA remote help file is at: http://panasonic.jp/support/global/cs/tv/vremote/index.html )

This is not the case in this situation, and when I manually bring up the keyboard from the toolbar at the bottom of the app's interface, there is no apparent connection with the search input field on the TV screen.

Interestingly, the help file section on the keyboard tab lists the steps to input text to the TV:

"When typing on the VIERA TV screen, the keyboard will appear automatically. You can also type and send the text to the VIERA TV.

Keyboard typing

(1)Tap the button.

(2)Keyboard typing."

Unfortunately, the button that step (1) refers to is greyed out prior to entering text, and once you've entered text and hit the button, the text just disappears.

Any insight/thoughts?

Many thanks!

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Hi Scott
I have the same issue with both an Android and Ipad App. Did you ever figure it out.
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