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Since this older model HDTV doesn't have HDMI inputs, and the DirecTV box that I have does, I went out earlier today and purchased an HDMI to DVI converter cable. The outputs on the back of the DirecTV box are VERY minimal, and by minimal I mean and HDMI output, RCAs, and a composite audio output jack. The DirecTV installer originally modified an HDMI cable by splitting it, and making the other end component (since the 51F500 doesn't have HDMI inputs.) I would've been 100% happy with running the spliced HDMI/component video cable to the TV, but lately, the picture only works for about 15-30 minutes, then the screen starts getting multi-colered bands (mostly red/pinkish), then going completely out. So I finally had enough last night and decided that an HDMI to DVI cable would be necessary to fix the problem, as well as probably giving a better picture quality.

Well I came home from Fry's a few hours ago, hooked it up, and NOTHING. I mean a big fat black screen is all I get. I've checked out as much as I know to check. I've read online that there are different kinds of DVI inputs for TVs, and that I need to check what input the 51F500 has, versus the kind of cable that I purchased. Well, since that particular TV is over 10 years old now, there really isn't too much documentation for it available online. And the damn package that the cable came in doesn't say one word about what version of DVI cable that it is. I've tried running the cables from the DirecTV box to the Yamaha amp that I have, then out to TV, as well as running the cable from the DirecTV box directly to the TV itself. Nothing seems to work, and I know it shouldn't be this hard.

Has anyone else had this happen to them, or possibly know of a fix? I'm about to sell this monstrosity of a TV for $200 and just go get a new Samsung LED! Tired of having to jack around with inputs and lack thereof! Thanks in advance.
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